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  1. Best way to rebuild

    I'd paint the chassis without the panels and doors installed but paint everything at the same time.
  2. Every thing was fine till the next day.

    While the fuse block is out, look for corrosion and heat damage at the wire connections. It's not uncommon to find melted plastic due to poor conductivity. Caig DeoxIT is a good product to use on old elec. connections.
  3. central oregon

    A four bolt, splined hub and nut adapter, spacer? Bolt on Rudge hub would be my guess. Never heard of one but it looks like there could be room for the four lug nuts behind the wheel center.
  4. Along with the float bowls and intake (I don't think the problem is with the intake temp), measure all the fuel line temps (every foot or so, return lines too) under the hood, including the mech. f. pump if it's still there, and go as far into the tunnel as possible. Remember, the boiling point of fuel is lower than water. The results should be interesting.
  5. Don't remember what temp your thermostat is rated at but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your temp gauge ran at 3/4 and the coolant temp was fine. Good thing to know. You could double check the actual coolant temp using a cooking thermometer in the top of the radiator. Pull the rad cap before it warms up. VOE I haven't measured the temp on various engine compartment components but 400` seems a bit on the toasty side for an intake manifold. It was the intake manifold temp you measured, right? Just want to be sure. Have you measured the temp on fuel related components yet? I'd start with the float bowls and work my way upstream. One reading of fuel related components at operating temperature and another reading when the gremlin shows up could pin point the problem area, based on your findings. I do think it may be time to start looking for a method of venting under hood heat. Late 280 louvered hood would undoubtedly help or one could louver the access hatches on either side of the hood. I seem to remember in the past you tried pulling the hood latch and it did make a difference.
  6. Exciting news: I just got a 240Z race car!

    The temp difference may not be as great as one might think. My yellow Z with a black interior no AC and no louvers was an oven in the summer time. A lot of the heat came from the tunnel.
  7. i can see again!!!

    What! No Cheech and Chong?
  8. Not terrible 1971 240Z for sale - Portland OR

    @Zed Head Damn, I just have to know. How much of the shed? is still standing and have the blackberries taken over yet? I hope someone (not me, according to Kathy and the Clackamas County) gets it before it's too far gone. Yellow Z's have always been my favorite. That previous thought brings to mind a very underhanded way to get the owner to let it go. Not that I would suggest anyone do it, but, (hypothetical scenario) if he had too many inoperable vehicles on his property, (he did when I was there) one could call Washington County and point out the fact to them. Voila! Motivation to sell. Back at ya ZH. The ball is now in your Washington County side of the court. Are you beginning to hear THE VOICEZ? They're calling to you.
  9. Exciting news: I just got a 240Z race car!

    Type 1. I like the way the stripe follows the hood contour.
  10. Thinking about installing an BMW M6 engine in my Z

    Cap'n, should you want to give it a try, www.circletrack.com has a write up on the subject of alignment using strings. Looked quite interesting when I read it a few years ago.
  11. Vinyl Top as an option 240z

    IM(not so humble)O, That's how "They" start out ruining great cars. "They" (pick any manufacturer) start adding extraneous B.S. instead of quality and design tweaks to improve the car. Eventually "They" end up pushing a bloated "Jabba the Hut" on the masses and wonder why the appeal is dwindling. Thanks, I'm feeling a little better now.
  12. Vinyl Top as an option 240z

    Vinyl tops and sun roofs on Z's fall into that category of, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."
  13. Not a dumb question at all. Add me to the list of people who don't understand why. Some Z owners have used the early Mazda RX7 electric pumps. It reportedly is quite good, inexpensive and much quieter than most.
  14. Engine only runs with starter fluid

    I believe he replaced the needles.
  15. 1971 HLS30-14938 "Lily" build

    Welds look like the wire speed was too fast and or the tip was too far from the weld. I have to get really close to the weld with the gun on my Eastwood 135.