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  1. Need a rear bearing spacer!!!

    Oliver's email address is zman@zspecialties.com
  2. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    @240260280 Glad you brought that up. I couldn't remember how far to lift the pistons. I looked for the proper distance but couldn't find it except a British SU site. What is the proper distance?
  3. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    @jalexquijano Prior to checking the mixture two things must be done first. The valve adjustment and ignition timing MUST BE CORRECT. Checking mixture. Use the piston lifting pin located under the side of the carbs. to check the fuel air mixture. With the engine running at working temperature, use the piston lifting pin to raise the piston about 1 mm (1/32"). If, while the piston is raised 1 mm, the engine speed increases briefly, then returns to normal, the mixture is correct. If the engine speed raises and stays high, the mixture is too rich. If, when the piston is lifted the engine speed drops or the engine dies, the mixture is too lean. Let us know what you discover.
  4. Body shop didn't order bumper ends, 1976 280

    @Redwing I'll check with Oliver to see if he has the right side and the long rubber center piece.
  5. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    It would be better to see where the fuel level is before readjusting. Pull the domes and pistons (not the float covers). When you pull the choke on, the nozzles will lower and you'll be able to see the fuel level above the nozzles. Look and see if the rear carb fuel level is close to the front carb level.
  6. Imagine that!

    Did it stay at the scene of the accident and call 911?
  7. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Yes. Then start it up, shut it down and check the fuel levels again in both carbs at 2 1/2 turns to be sure the fuel level isn't too high and pooling on top of the nozzles.
  8. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    @jalexquijano I agree with Cliff. Raise the fuel level in the rear carb to the same level as the front carb. Reset the mixture screws to 2 1/2 turns, check to be sure that fuel isn't pooling on top of the nozzles and drive it. When the engine is warm, if the engine seems like it lacks power under acceleration, SLOWLY pull the choke while accelerating. If the fuel mixture was too lean, adding choke will richen up the mixture and you'll feel the performance boost under acceleration. If adding a little choke improves performance, drop the mixture screws 1/2 turn and try it again. @siteunseen Tick tock, tick tock! Time keeps on slip'n, slip'n, slip'n, into the future. Fly like an eagle.
  9. More living room furniture

    I'd reuse it.
  10. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    @jalexquijano Where are your mixture screws now and how is it running?
  11. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I've been considering this possibility and It could be that minor variations in the fuel height don't make much difference. It could be that this float level discussion is "much ado about nothing." Then I thought about a lower fuel level and how it would affect the choke. Pulling the choke on will have less effect if the fuel level is low. Dropping the nozzles and allowing fuel to puddle on top of the nozzles is the choke action. It would probably only affect cold starting if the fuel level was low and the temps were frigid. Like trying to start your Z in the garage in the dead of winter.
  12. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I think we're all hoping for some clarity on this. Thanks in advance.
  13. Will the rpms drop if you pull up on the pedal? I'd start raising the mixture screws in 1/2 turn increments to see if the dark plugs will clear up.
  14. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I agree. that's why the 1/16" (1.58 mm, 1 1/2 turns) below the nozzle top. It allows adjustment without fuel puddling on top of the nozzle.