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  1. Any advice on bleeding the clutch

    Can I use one of those by myself, no one needed to push the pedals down? Thanks Bob. Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Any advice on bleeding the clutch

    That's what I need! Thanks for posting, I'd never heard of that. Harbor Freight has one too, $33.
  3. Certificate of Origin - Help!

    Tag receipts and proof of insurance for the last few years is what the Canadian buyer needed from me, FWIW
  4. The too short tip fix will help dramatically IMO. The air flow off the hatch isn't pulling it away like it should.
  5. Those are still available from nissan dealers. I'll post the part numbers in the morning. Takes just a few days to get them. Waaaay better than the foam two sided tape ones you get with aftermarket lights.
  6. New to me 1982 280ZX

    Glad you're here. You'll find some very welcoming and knowledgeable folks on this forum for sure. Post up some pictures when you can and if it hasn't been cranked in awhile google "waking the sleeping beast classiczcars.com". Good read. Cliff
  7. Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

    You guys are right. Those cars were not much of a memory for me.
  8. intake mainfold to carb spacer gaskets

    I'm sorry but I disagree. If I lived in a colder climate, maybe but my carbs are cool to the touch after a good drive since I plugged those coolant lines. Gas mileage in my situation is I must drive the car to keep the fuel from losing octane. It's my favorite chore I have, driving my Zs to burn the flat gas. Life is tough at my house.
  9. weird backfire on intake and misfire on my 72 240z

    My cables had slipped over a year or so. Once I got those adjusted it fired right up. If I remember right 2" down with choke, 1 1/4" without. Measured from the clamp down on the cable to the bottom of the wires. That's my goofy arse measurements. Good luck Mark, hope you get it figured out.
  10. Let's show vintage racing pictures. I'll start.

    Great picture! thank you. Is that a ZX above the front bumper, fan section? That's what I liked about Road Atlanta, you could park so close the the track. I'd drive my truck, back up against the guardrail and sit in a lounge chair in the bed of the truck. Then Barbers track opened right down the road from my residence.
  11. Air Cleaner modification

    I have one that has all the horizontal housing cut out. With a Nissan metal filter it looks like a good idea. I can't imagine that much more air flow for my road car so I run the OEM with the summet/winter flap. I'll post a picture or two in the a.m when I'm using my laptop.
  12. Underside protection

    I took an air gun off my compressor @120 psi and blew the loose stuff off. Then went over it with spray undercoat from local auto parts chain. Someday I'd like to do a truck bed liner but that's waaaay away.
  13. Balance Question

    Hell yeah! I might see how light he can get my 225mm. Save me some dough ray me. My 225mm aluminum on the 240's like 10 lbs. Tilton or tifton I can't ever remember. Got it for free with a car I bought and resold for what I paid but I kept the e31 head, f54 block ..30 over but dished pistons. Triple 40s and some other stuff. The guy was going by datsungarage.com to the tee. Got married and it was in my garage soon afterwards. Imagine that?!?
  14. I'm missing a 10mm open/boxed end wrench. I'll check under the cap tomorrow.
  15. Balance Question

    Do you run an aluminum flywheel Steve? I think that is my favorite thing so far. I want one for my 280 now. They add the getty up in "getty up and go".