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  1. Maybe Nissan made some padding/push-ups for those? I wonder if I could get that off with one hand? Use to I could, been awhile though. Velcro is the shiznitz.
  2. I see now the return is for excess fuel going to the carbs. The vent/overflow is for excess out of the carbs. I guess you'd have to plumb in some sort of purge tank for that to work.
  3. I might be interested. Do you have the matching Le Panties? I can't drive around half lingeried.
  4. I don't know much about how these work but if you had hot fuel in the immediate area of the carbs could you pull the choke, dropping the nozzles away from the needle and push the hot fuel through the return with an electric fuel pump? Sorta like purging an nos system?
  5. Extendable stands is what I meant. He put one under the pipe and turned a handle to raise it. Big ole screw jack really.
  6. Good to hear Sexy. I didn't want to get rid of mine after I found it. Thanks for letting me know. 8^)
  7. Me too! I thought this was one of many he has going. Sorry Steve.
  8. I agree with your corvette mechanic. I have msa's ceramic coated headers in place of the big arse piece of cast iron exhaust manifold. No where near the heat under the hood now. Never ever never had an issue recranking mine and it gets pretty hot around here too. I've wondered if there's a way to push the hot fuel through the rail and carb bowls with fresh gas? Some way to purge the fuel through the return line.
  9. That hanger on the mid pipe I think, it attaches behind the driver's seat, he used his extension tools and pushed the pipe up and welded a strap on there. Got rid of the rubber hanger. He took my mid pipe off and bent it too. Just him having a lift was worth the $50. After working the engine over that muffler install SUCKS. One day I'll have him weld the mid pipe to the S pipe and get rid of that flange. The car is lowered and that scrapes if I back straight out of my driveway. I've learned what not to do to keep it from scraping so that flange will be there for awhile. 8^)
  10. Great looking engine bay! You did a fine job with that. Those 2.5 exhaust can be a pain, taking it to a shop isn't too expensive. I paid $50 to have mine tucked up better. There's that cut out on the driver's side of the differential that it fits in but that wasn't made for such a larger pipe. I fought with mine then threw in the towel and the $50. Good investment for me. Good way to spend $50, I mean. That's just a couple of days of beer.
  11. I'm wondering if he may have inadvertently brought a stronger spark into the mix? A ZX distributor with a Z cap and button, they'd be closer??? so stronger spark. I could try it, I have the parts able to easily switch over. Maybe I'll try tomorrow? Maybe not, just stay in bed.
  12. You want me to do that? '77 vs. '79 will be easy, Sunday morning. I might even get out a measuring stick.
  13. +1 with goofy Dad. Love him until death but 78 years, woof.
  14. That's two sharp Zs right there Steven, good pictures...thanks I'm glad I wasn't there. snarky face emoji; I hope you all miss this rain I'm getting tonight. Uh...more pictures please. Tape that Pro whatever on a Z and lets see some door bumping. Just kidding, have fun!
  15. Thank you for the kind words. I've owned six but three is the most at once. With my "too old puppy", he's spoiled BAD, I hardly can work on the two I have now. I didn't get the bug until I joined this forum, I liked how they looked and drove but these guys and gals taught me working on them is the most fun part of owning them. Mine are garage hermits now, driven less and less as their value increases and other drivers have gotten more careless. "Enjoy the ride" has turned to "enjoy the peaceful wrenching".