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    current cars '77 280z 5 speed. Freshly rebuilt L28.
    '72 240Z 4 speed. Pretty fresh L24.
  1. My 240z project

    Very nice work! Your Grandfather is smiling.
  2. Porsche got another!

    @Jeff G 78 how's that 993? Stupid question, just touching base. Cliff
  3. Clutch help in 71 with 5 speed please.

    If the taller collar doesn't let it go in gear you may have the same thing I ran into when I put a zx 5 speed in my 240. The shift rod had to be ground a little above the pivot ball on bottom. It wouldn't go in 4th and reverse I think. I'll find the thread and post it in the morning just in case that might have some interference as well.
  4. Camshaft NA to turbo swamp

    The only difference I can think of right off is the way the cam is lubricated. The N42 has a spray bar and solid cam. The P90 turbo has a "oiler cam", hollow with holes on each lobe to lubricate. My N42 has a ZX oiler cam installed, works great.
  5. Paltech Carbs

    Anybody that knows a 240 has to ask that same question. They're a work of art, inside and out of the car.
  6. Tail Gaters...

    A lot of skunks on this interstate, South I-75.
  7. L28 Head Gasket Failure

    Ah, okay he fooled me talking in 3rd person. I see it now. You had a 233Z for awhile.
  8. L28 Head Gasket Failure

    Where did the OP mention a spark plug was blown out? I missed that I guess.
  9. Restoring a Scissor Jack

    We might try a Dollar Store slightly acidic white vinegar soak?
  10. 1977 280Z

    Is it paint or dye? I've got the same hatch fade as his, outside paint fade, bumper fade, cracked dash, missing "5speed" emblem and on and on. I'd like to darken my carpet though, it's in good shape just not black anymore. I've got the same car if you want some comparison photos. I think it's around 333,000 vin#? Mine's original but severely faded, no rust though. Build date 09/'76.
  11. Complete Triple Weber 40 DCOE set.

    Good news! 2 months isn't bad, did you advertise anywhere else? I'm ready to think about selling my setup.
  12. Tail Gaters...

    Damn skunks!
  13. 1977 280Z

    That one probably has the "new car smell" unlike all the rest that have the Datsun Z smell, very distinctive to all that have smelt it. Really weird how they do that, I'd like to know if it's the carpet or the plastic or what. A guy was looking at mine the other day at the gas station and said "smells just like my Dad's from when I was a kid".
  14. Recommended car cover

    My Dad always used the flannel covers for inside storage. MSA has a nice custom fit one that I DO NOT own but it looks nice. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/classic06g here's what I've been looking at, they are very popular car cover suppliers on the internet. Once again I don't own one yet but they look good and are custom fit supposedly. I'd call to make sure these are custom one mirror covers for our cars. http://www.beverlyhillsautocovers.com/car-covers.html?find=1972-nissan-240z-base-4223352 Let us know what you end up getting and how you like it. That's my next Christmas present to myself.
  15. #3 "IGN" Fuse keeps blowing.

    I'll vote alternator issue. Hope it's an easy fix so you can get back to the carbs. I enjoy reading those, lots of info for mine when I get the courage.