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  1. Chris Connell too. He had one of the best voices I've ever heard, Ronnie James Dio said "the best" and Dio's an all time great in my opinion.
  2. People have to quit dying!
  3. My '77 has hinges at the top with shallow screws and spring loaded barrel latches at the bottom, also shallow screws. They were designed to be able to unhook the bottom and raise them off the rear window for cleaning, hinged louvers. The good thing about these is you can take out four screws on the top hinges and remove the whole assembly. Something similar to this but black of course.
  4. Captain Obvious likes to float them out there. "Eye'm naught kwyate ded yit"
  5. Beautiful picture of your car. Another castle with a moat! Americans would be riding jet skis around something like that you know. Now can you tell me if you put a Schneider 270/280 .460 cam kit in your car? I tagged Lumens the other day thinking it as him but I realize now it maybe was your car. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, through private message. Thank you, Cliff
  6. Is that something you chose to do or you have to do? To me that seems like there is a problem. Could your choke pull handle mount be loose on the console? There's a better mounting plate on ebay that'll get it off the console and way stronger, more pulling power. I can't figure out how to drop the nozzles then pull the choke cable? Seems like the other way around would work better? Good luck, I'm curious for the fix. 8^)
  7. My Dad says his wife is a good witch. I say know way, burn her at the stake!
  8. Oh and mark the cable location on it's hold down clamp with a Sharpie or something so you'll be sure and get it back right.
  9. Unhook the cable and see if you can move it up and down. I'd think if it movs any it's in that flat metal bar Mark's talking about. It should move up and down about an inch with the choke cable undone, freely by hand.
  10. That happened to one of mine before. The nozzle was stuck. I had unhook everything and drop the nozzle then sand the brass down smooth. It was coated with a varnishy coating from sitting too long. Good eye Mark, hopefully.
  11. Get the short slave to hard line hose too. I think I got the slave cylinder and rubber hose for $20 maybe? amazon.com or rockauto.com, Beck Arnley is what I ended up getting. FYI
  12. Sounds like you need a new slave cylinder to me. Not a big deal and an inexpensive part. The hardest part is bleeding the air out.
  13. Cool job! That's better than a vaginacologist.
  14. Thank you! It's an E-31 with a .460 lift cam. Zama lama ding dong!
  15. I think they are Nissan Vitons. I'll find them, sorry I was excited.