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  1. You're right! Hadn't thought about it but it's a Kubota 853 and darn close. You just made my miserable bush hog a little less miserable. Thank you. Kubota one day, Datsun the next. Life's funny like that.
  2. Yes! I bought a 240 that had 3/16" from the float bowls to the nozzles where the molded fuel hose should be. He had a zip tie to make the bend but was actually binding up the nozzles dropping action. Big mess! I haven't read the entire thread but are your valves in spec? If they get way off weird things happen that you chase to end up being the valve adjustment.
  3. I can tell you how many it takes to come down from mowing 15 acres, 12. And a couple of "extra strength Anacin"
  4. This year I feel sorry for all y'all. Usually it's not so hot everywhere like this year. Al Gore was right.
  5. Guy, are you going to use a e12-80 distributor with that motor? I know you like to stay original but this one is an exception. It's black!
  6. I read his post. Please don't put a glass filter under your car. A rock could sling up and bust it.
  7. Fram G2 work better on 240s. G3 best for 280s. In my experience.
  8. Went for a fantastic (flawless) hour and a half sunrise drive. Car is running great. Big change from yesterday when I mowed 15 acres. Fortunately we have an air conditioned cab but it's all glass except the top so it's of little use at 100 plus degrees. Just like everywhere, it's bad hot and humid down here.
  9. If he's a landscaper he'll have all he wants to do now that the Z is done. Hard to find guys that have his skill and attention to detail in that business, around here anyhow. I've been using .105" red round line for 10 years but just bought a 3lb spool of .095" orange round. I noticed it a lot in your pictures so that was good enough to make that decision for me. 155 more feet at just 3mm smaller.
  10. It appears zcardepot.com has a list. I wonder if he'd sale that? https://zcardepot.com/stainless-steel-bolt-kits/body-kits https://zcardepot.com/stainless-steel-bolt-kits/engine-kits
  11. And that sticker will be on the passenger's side of the radiator support. Here's the color codes, http://www.zhome.com/History/ZColorGallary/
  12. What kind of air filter are you using? Have you ran it with no filter or housing just straight air through the SUs?
  13. Yes it is right behind the rubber strap that goes over the nose off the differential. I crawled under there to make sure.
  14. I can go look to be 100% but I'm 99.9% sure its behind where the driver's seat is. After the seat or seat pan the underside goes up and that one hooks up in there. It's on the long straighter pipe that comes off the header. EDIT: It is at connection of the S pipe to the straighter one. I'd be more than happy to go downstairs and take more pictures if you want me to. Let me know...
  15. I'm sure you have put some miles on it by now but I wanted to add my experience from going from dirt bikes to street that almost cost me my right foot. Dirt bikes you run hard into the turn and use the rear brake. Street bikes are completely opposite of that to me, 80% front and 20% rear.