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    current cars '77 280z 5 speed. Freshly rebuilt L28.
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  1. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    They are located in the Southern Hemisphere, I'm in the Northern Hemisphere. Everything is opposite. Toodle-oo mate. con·trar·y adjective ˈkäntrerē/ 1. opposite in nature, direction, or meaning.
  2. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Does it make sense that raising the float pin height on the front's ears to the same as the rear's would be the reason the front nozzle is lower at four turns down? Just curious, trying to learn/make sense of this on going problem. The funny thing to me is @240260280 was down there right when all this mess started.
  3. 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    Cool car. I'd be begging Dad to pass it down. The wheels look just like my Konig Rewinds?
  4. NEW Round Top SU Carburetor System 240Z

    I'm curious about them for sure. Wanted to wait and read some good reviews.
  5. saturday night music thread

    Did someone say drugs?
  6. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    So you haven't even opened up your carbs on your car? You should absolutely, 100% do what Mark has been saying this whole time. That man has patience!, God bless him. " Reassemble the carbs, start it up, shut it down, pull the suction chambers, pistons (not the float chamber tops) and see where the fuel level is in relation to the nozzle tops at 2 1/2 turns. Then you'll know IF the floats need to be readjusted or if you got it right the first time. Rest assured that you're experiencing the same frustration that everyone has had at one time or another setting floats. Keep up the good work." If you haven't bent the ztherapy floats that came with the carbs you should be very close already. The mechanic raised the pin holes by drilling the front carbs ears. That's why your front carb nozzle is down 4 turns and not the rear.
  7. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    That's a good question I've been wondering myself. Mr Maras, once I get the domes off to look down the nozzle tubes at 2.5 turns down, if they're are high or low do I get them "right" by adjusting the knobs on bottom? Like if one's an 1/8th deep and not 1/16th should I lower the nozzle until I get to 1/16th? Is that my target, 1/16th on each nozzle obtained by adjusting the knobs? Inquiring minds want to know. Thank You!
  8. NEW Round Top SU Carburetor System 240Z

    @zcardepot.com He'll see that quicker.
  9. Bending float tab direction - 3 screw SU

    Two hours? Took me two months! That was after driving it with low float bowls for a year. Never kept the motor fed properly. Now it does after three different methods. First was eyeballing the float roof to the lid's underside, got in the ballpark. Second was the clear tube matching the top of the conspicuous square on the side of the float chamber, got on base. Third and final was using a marked clear glass jar and a fuel pump, scored!
  10. New to me 1982 280ZX

    Never noticed that longer rear end like in your last picture. Very nice. You should get a lot of miles on that odometer.
  11. 1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Turn that assembly upside down and get in front of a mirror. Hold the float with your other hand. Blow into the fuel supply hose barb. When your breathe starts passing through look into the mirror and see where the float is. Bend the tab until the float' roof is parallel with the lid's roof. You will be close. Find something .55" thick and use it between the float and the lid while still using your breathe as fuel to get the float .055" lower than the lid. I can't be any clearer, that's as simple as I can get without puppets. You cannot set the float level upside down with the weight of the float against the pin. The newer style valves are very sensitive and will not resist the float's weight at all, period, done.
  12. I love it when sellers sit head on its valves

    Seems a little braggadocious, like our Leader in Chief. 260 to envy absolutely ghetto bad mother f***er you are jealous
  13. New to me 1982 280ZX

    Decent price for "sewn molded" carpet for a 2+2 ZX. If I remember right the ZXs had cut pile like my '77 Z. 240s are looped carpet. Great looking car! https://zcarsource.com/sewn-molded-carpet-kits-280zx
  14. I love it when sellers sit head on its valves

  15. Bringing a 1977 Z back life

    My '77 has a newer switch. I've read were in the "good ole days" people had a massive amount of crap on their keychains. The weight of said crap wasn't copasetic with the switches so in turn they failed prematurely. Now I have 2 keys, one stays in the switch and the door key sits in the ashtray. Hopefully that's your problem? Good luck.