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  1. Im gald to help -its not easy to keep these cars going and certainly a bit frustrating when a part dont fit and this is a great forum my thanks to all others for the research and sweat equity ive leaned alot here as well -thanks to all
  2. zed head i think im gonna- guess- Earls bread and butter is hot rods resto mods ect but old american so id say they dont have metric outer fittings and again i appreciate MSA and all the other z vendors-but all of them missed the mark on the line fitting in the sleeve why i dunno cost ect and yes as said you can use any of thier lines wrench em up then slip them in the bracket and clip em i just got a bit over the top on this one
  3. Zed head yea the earls line has an close but no- cigar SAE size- work great for old american cars like my 68 firebird i hope this helps if you needed brake lines id say send em your old ones and as im so happy with they have metric outer diamiters
  4. Patcon just got the line today they made it id guess a week and a half ago my main point great to deal with -call or email tell em what you want not trying to cause confusion when i emailed and said the application they didnt say we already make one my concern was the 19mm wrench end into the frame sleeve they said we have that size send us your old one and we can copy it
  5. Best bet email them or call them send em your old line ( they do brake lines as well) my thoughts great to deal with responed back ect
  6. the web site is not the best at first i just sent an email asking if they could make one for me in the search type in--- 1979-1983 nissan 280z the part will come up as NC-110 now as i mentioned i sent them my old one and my label says ncl-110 not sure if there is any difference email them they respond and were great to deal with
  7. Matthew many thanks for thr research thats one of the best charts ive seen concerning side dia. FWIW I have 185/70'S on shelby cal 500's i dont like them sidewall too short but came on the car when i bought it an are still like new so once they wear ill go to a different size i like the look of the 70's tires tall side walls
  8. Just looked on their website part is listed as the-- tag reads --they have it listed for $ 25.00 i sent them an email letting them know it will fit 240/ 260 so maybe they already made this but didnt label it for 240/260 forgot to mention called the other z vendors and none had a line that would fit into the frame bracket retainer as the original did maybe im being too fussy but and i do appreciate the companys that sell Z parts BTW same with alot of the pontiac stuff -id only wish they would do a little more hands on fittament testing or at least in the part description let you know the non fitament details
  9. I posted a while ago asking if anyone had found a stainless clutch hose that fit 100% no one had the reason i asked is that i bought one from MSA and it was too loose to fit into the frame bracket retaining sleeve I contacted a company called techna-fit in indiana they said no problem send us your old one we will match it they did perfectly and the best part is the cost $ 10.00 plus shipping in the photos the longest one is MSA and looking down the one on the left is MSA the right techna - fit
  10. Kats thanks and yes my uncle was probably one of the very few that bought the G nose -i recall he called it the " Datsun racing nose " i think and i dont have a photo he also bought the competion steering wheel the funny tie in is the the TR 250K he mentioned when he bought it from pete brock- (BRE) pete asked him to promise to keep it blue ive tried to follow that car and saw it up for auction in the early 90's it was red so i belive he must have sold it or maybe he did have it painted red none the less its now min theBret Hart collection and has been brought back to blue and race correct He must have quickly realized the preformance potential of the L24 soon after he bought the 72 i also recall him telling me after the turbo install gave the corvettes and the panteras a hell of a red light to red light a run for it as he mentioned often the z would come out on top i dont belive at that time 72/73 /74 to many had put a turbo on their Z
  11. Namerow thanks for the compliment and yes my uncle had a good eye for cars all the cars you see he owned including the Triumph TR 250K which now is in the Bret Hart collection i belive-- the black bently was traded for the jag xk 120m The dry lakes and Bonneville racing was in the 73/ 74 ect he would have held record for the class but in those days no intercoolers for turbos too much heat caused inconsitant runs at the salt flats if i remember you needed 2 or 3 runs-- very consistant to each other to hold or beat a record at the dry lakes the Z in green with turbo would consitanly run 134 to 145mph but single runs and yea thats me as a-- kid --at least i got to-- ride -sit in and wash the cars one of the factors that made me a car nut
  12. Sorry for the typos one more pic a little backround on the Z he bought it new in 72 from Granada Datsun it was 113 green he then put an air research turbo on it i think it came from AK mille r the car had a full roll cage and he extended the louvers to the edge of the hatch -then when he put the G nose on it he then painteded it brown some of the pictures are at the dry lakes and some are from bonneville the picture with the hood off was taken in the alley on the side of Granada Datsun the service manager at the time was a good friend of his
  13. Here are some pictures taken in the 70's of my uncles 240z this is why i have a Z myself now tkaen in Northridge calif I would vist each summer- not my uncle by family he and my aunt divorced in the early 80's and I dont know the whereabouts of the Z
  14. As with most parts as stated above are close but no cigar yes MSA gave me the right one im sure its cost vs profit vs if its priced too high limited sales Really a bit more curious if anyone has tried a hose for another vehicle such as an early RX 7 i double checked the clutch hose my original has 19mm nut size fits perfectly in the bracket sleeve
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