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  1. I can only see one slight "wiggle" in the road. That's some pretty impressive road construction!! Over here in "Middle Earth" (New Zealand) we have PLENTY of corners, and not many areas flat enough to make a nice straight road like that. Although we've still had the odd nutcase trying to break the speed records in their particular class. A local NZ'er (Owen Evans) broke the NZ land speed record in a Porsche 911 Le Mans GT. He did it, reaching 348.237 kph. He then tried to go for 350kph (just to round things off), but he crashed on his second run when one of his tyres blew! Luckily he survived, but anyone who saw the TV footage of the crash would agree it's a bloody miracle!!! I should add he did all of this on a two-lane road (i.e. one lane each way) in the New Zealand countryside - not the smoothest of roads!
  2. Are you sure montoya? i thought the 240z's have a sort of "sleeve" arrangement?
  3. Guys (especially Richard1) Please let me know what sort of success you've had in eliminating the 80mph vibrations. My 72Z also has that problem, although the vibrations are from about 50-70mph. I replaced the U-joints on my left and right half-shafts, which both felt a bit "notchy" when I removed them. But I still have the vibration! I guess my next move is the central drive-shaft? But what can actually go wrong with the drive-shaft to cause that vibration???
  4. moyest

    Gas Prices?

    Wow, that's low octane! In New Zealand the lowest you get is about 91 octane. The highest at the pump is around 96 to 98 octane which is what I run in my Z. Prices have hit over NZ$1.50 per litre for 96-98 octane! That's U.S$1.03 at today's exchange rate... If you've got no idea what a "litre" is, it's a lot less than a gallon! So our gas is getting really expensive in NZ.
  5. moyest

    She's DONE!!!

    Ed, what a great job - awesome car, love the paint! IMHO I would get an original chrome wing-mirror to replace the black plastic one, and I'd get me some Panasport wheels for that beauty!
  6. Can I replace it with any old bolt that fits? Or is it a special part? Easy to find/replace??
  7. Oooo, "tapered"? Does that mean it's a tricky bolt to find? I'll need a replacement. Hardware store, or something more specialised?
  8. What does the "transverse link inner bolt" do? It's a small bolt which is welded in, with a 12mm (approx) nut - one in the middle of the left rear transverse link, one in the middle of the right rear transverse link. I sheered off the one on the lefthand side, and I'm not sure whether the car is driveable without it?? :paranoid: Can anyone tell me what that bolt/nut does? And if the bolt breaks off, what are my options to repair it?
  9. Oops :stupid: I was under my car in the weekend, tightening nuts & bolts (a favourite pass-time). I found a single nut on the rear suspension (one on the lefthand transverse link, one on the righthand transverse link) which looked really loose. Just a small nut (12mm?). One of them tightened successfully. The other sheered the bolt off!! WHAT WAS THAT BOLT? It is described in my Haines manual (in figure 11.34 on page 180 - the section titled "rear suspension strut and springs removal and installation") as a "TRANSVERSE LINK INNER BOLT". Can someone please tell me what the TRANSVERSE LINK INNER BOLT does? ???
  10. Having read this thread, I'm still a bit perplexed why anyone (especially Nissan) would throw a whole bunch of money into restoring #2 without the original engine? Sure, it would be great to see the #2 chassis back on the road, and even better to OWN it. But it'll probably end up being powered by #14257 engine or something. So the sheer expense of the restoration may far exceed its worth. I guess my STATEMENTS are really QUESTIONS though! What's your opinion re: the value at the end of such a mamoth restoration?
  11. Ha ha, so we've gone from "full custom paint" to "white"?! Kind of goes against the "If you could do anything..." theme of this thread. Love that candy-apple red - was that car at a "gullwing door" convention or something? Every car in the background seemed to have swing-up doors.
  12. moyest

    Turn signal woes

    What about the wiper unit? I've lost my "intermittent" wipe (i.e. the first click on the wiper switch) :stupid:
  13. moyest

    Nathan and HIN Model

    Sure, use the kid to get next to some fine chicks
  14. moyest

    Turn signal woes

    e_racer1999 has a point there, but that doesn't explain the smoke coming from your steering column!? Maybe you left your cigarette in there? Seriously - My indicators were behaving the same way. I removed the unit from the steering column, fiddled around with it, and stuck it back on and HEY PRESTO! ...which leads me to wonder whether it was an EARTHING problem? i.e. if not properly attached to the steering column (which I believe acts as the earth), it doesn't complete the circuit?
  15. At last! at last! I've been watching your site for updates, and I'm pleased to see there's been some action and there's now a shiny HOT Z on the roads. :classic: If I was to be reeeeal finnicky, I'd have to deduct 0.25 of a point for the dashboard. Finish is fantastic, but love the original Z dashboard shape. Having said that, I see where you're going with it - and hey, who the hell am I to deduct a fraction of a point anyway?? :stupid: 10:10
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