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WTB: 240Z carbs


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Since mine were just nicked while my car was at a panel shop (one of 9 cars that were hit) and the shops insurance has rejected the claim, I'm looking for another pair. :mad:

Anyone have any or know of any for sale.

What sort of money do they usually sell for?



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Mate!! You really need to get that car OUT of the panel shop ASAP...

if you put an ad on Ozdat you might get some people offering, it's hard to know the condition of them I guess it's a bit of a gamble... I got mine for $130 incl postage, I think this is about how much they're worth...................?LOL

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If you just want to get it going then I've got a set of 260Z carbs here. They work fine for 260Z carbs.

You can have them for what they're worth. Nothing!ROFL

(As long as you pay postage from Canberra)

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Local Zed wreakers sell the SU,s for $350 last I checked

thats secound hand. I personally would go for a new set

of Brit SU,s For $320. I got a Quote last week at speed

shop here in Adelaide. The 240Z SU,s are Good its just

finding a set that does not need an Overhaul?:finger::D

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Went and had a look at the SU,s I got the quote on and

they are the 1 1/2 inch SU,s not the 1 3/4 as the Hitachi are.

Dont,t Know how they would run on a Zed probably better

to go 2 inch. They are asking $250 for the set of( 1 1/2 ).

They did say they get Zed carbys in sometimes.

here is there website. www.ogspeedshop.com.au.

Z therapy sell overhaul kits for 240Z carbys at around

$100 and the postage from America? Been looking for

a place in Ozz that sells the kits. No luck yet though!

Hope it helps Sammy

P.s Try the volvo wreakers or Rover in your area

Just an after thought. :cheeky:

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Sammy: Is that price from Z therapy for the overhaul kit US dolars or aussie dollars?

datfreak: If you could chase up some info on those carbs (eg what conition they are in) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys. :)

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Just had a look at their page and we're talking more like $150US.....

Far too much for me...

I want to put as little money as possible into this motor as it'll be coming out early next year.......if all goes to plan. :)

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If your looking for su carbs be sure the throttle shafts are good or you'll never get them ballanced. You might check with one of the datsun roadster clubs for parts or extra carbs. I have a bunch of carbs and parts but I'm in the US. I also havent looked at them in a while.

Good Luck!!

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