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  1. I have been following his build! Love what he is doing w/the Z31! Don't believe it was my car - it hasn't driven under its own power since 2002....😲 Hope to have it under its own power by this summer and my wife is lighting a fire under me to get it done and not work on other projects! I've built several in the interim, and this one keeps moving with me, staying at the bottom of the list. Finally its turn.
  2. May have to do that next time I'm up in Richmond! I'm finally working on mine again - tracking it on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snocone240/
  3. Just wanted to say this was awesome! Love how you used a no longer viable shell in a way that is inspiring to the rest of us!
  4. Finally have the updated pics. It has been a rough week - one of my professors unexpectedly passed away this week so I'm a little scatterbrained. Here are the close-ups best I can get. I do not have the three pronged plug for the three wires, but I do have instructions on where they attach. That plug is the same on all mallory distributors, so it is easy to get from Mallory/jegs/summit/etc.. I did clean up the wires quite a bit as well - they all look like what you can see in the first pic now, unlike the dirty pic above. I also went through and greased/lubricated the flyweights, pivots/etc.. All cleaned up/not dirty anymore. Questions, just ask. -Bobby
  5. Trying to find if I've missed a forum that caters to the 510 or roadster racers. I ask because I have a set of NOS NISMO 510 or Roadster rear brake shoes - the Ferodo AM4 "green stuff". Nismo screwed up and sent them to me when I ordered the 240z brakes many years ago,(20?). They obviously didn't fit - and I never dug deep to check part numbers. I've been toting them around all these years in the event I built up a race Z with stock rear drums,(and i just had made a mistake in my install). Once I figured out the issue, NISMO no longer carried either set,(Z or 510's). I could always do Ebay, but trying to improve my exposure and thus my return on my "investment" all those years ago! -Bobby
  6. I've been saving this for years, but I won't be using it anytime soon - time to let it go to someone who can enjoy it and fund some parts on my current Z project that doesn't need this distributor! (RB26 swapped Z) Mallory Unilite Distributor. Optical, no vacuum advance, (mostly for triple carbs, but can be run with normal SUs or FI). Includes full set of Mallory Pro Sidewinder plug wires specified for the L6. Worked great when pulled. Was igniting a 500+ RWHP turbo setup before I pulled it and sold that motor. This is over $600 new just for the distributor. Wires run another $100-150. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/12-4042 $375 shipped in the Continental US. If you live outside of that, PM or post here for a price to ship it to your location. Just realized some of these pics are blurry... will redo by this weekend so I have more than 1 pic! I'll also clean up the plug wires/etc..
  7. Holy old thread batman! Yea, geocities going down was a surprise to me, (I had my e-mail attached to an old account I check about once a year). Fortunately for us, one guy made a tremendous effort to save all the geocities sites at a place called reocities. So my websites are the same, except substitute reocities for geocities. The links are: http://www.reocities.com/row4navy/ And there is no Z garage geocities site - so the one provided above is the new link. -Bob
  8. Got the following in my PM inbox - I assume this is someone spamming the site. -Bob Hey, I'm new here, how's it going? "The most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently" - Pema Chodron --- Serendipity http://123redirect.com/serendipity
  9. It should be sold. The buyer will pick it up on Friday afternoon. If he falls through, I have a second and a third buyer lined up. Amazing - nothing for two weeks, then bam, three in one day. -Bob
  10. If you had any idea how much it would actually cost to ship things of this size, you wouldn't be so excited. For me to ship it to you would cost you almost as much as a brand new header.... -Bobby
  11. Yup, you read that right - $50. But you must come pick it up. This is the exhaust from the car that I wrote the Datsun Workshop about - trust me, that doesn't make it any better than any other NISMO exhaust out there - just a reference for you. I live in Norfolk, VA. If I can figure out this picture thing, - I'll post pics, otherwise shoot me an e-mail. rehanvey -at- yahoo.com The details: Was jet hot coated, has some flaking issues. Has an evacuation tube - that funky thing on the inner pipe. You hook up a tube to the crankcase and it "evacuates" the crankcase ventilation. Exhaust goes into a single 3" pipe with normal bends,(i.e. not mandrel). My stroker with this exhaust put 180 to the wheels so I doubt it is holding it back. Dynomax muffler. Sure, it ain't pretty, but it is nearly free if you come take it off my hands. I'll entertain offers, but I won't entertain shipping as it would be a ton of money and a pain to pack up. As an added bonus, you get an E-88 that is ported/polished and has some aftermarket cam with it. I have no idea of the specs, but it is free for you. Enjoy. -Bob Hanvey I can also be reached at 757-575-3445.
  12. The following is a repost from the IZCC and 240z list. Help me out! -Bob I'm looking for a set of 280Z fenders, left and right in good shape. Don't care about color as long as there is no rust other than surface and no big dents,(minor dent might be acceptable). These will be going on a Grassroot motorsports $2003 challenge car. I am buying a car from their "budget" and they need a set of fenders. To stay within the rules, they can trade or buy outright. It is obviously better if they get something in the form of a trade as it doesn't impact their budget. My agreement with them is to buy their shell,(they took some parts from), and to provide them with a set of 280z fenders. Actually, 240 fenders will bolt up, so I am game for any set of Z fenders, 240-280,(modifies subject line..) I really don't want to pay too much, as I am a cheap bastard. Donations are great. If you want, you can think of this as your donation,(or for a small fee), to the Z community rep to the $2003 challenge. For those unfamliar with the Challenge, the rules are pretty basic. You have a budget of $2003 to build a car to autocross, drag race and enter a concours event,(they judge your work, engineering, etc..). You can buy, trade and your own work is free, but your total expenditure must be less than $2003. So the shell I am buying they bought for $640. I am buying it from them for $640 plus a set of Z fenders,(and possibly some other trades). They did remove some parts from the car to help turn a profit from this purchase,(such as a set of weber carbs). We are both getting a good deal. BTW, they are using a turbo engine, not webers,(they sold that to end up making a profit from this car to help their budget). I saw the car and the body work they have done is phenomenal. I see good things in this car if they can get everything working and nothing breaking,(usually what nails competitors). So you can say your fenders are on the $2003 GRM challenge car! I live in Norfolk, VA and can pick up within a resonable radius. I must pick up the car in New Jersey, so anywhere between Norfok and there is perfect. If you don't want to donate, talk to me about price, but I am cheap and it must be reasonable. If you are looking to get top dollar for your fenders, I'll pass. They are also looking for a set of rocker panels,($55 from Zedd findings, or a good set cut from a car), a 240Z style air dam, a set of 26/11/15 slicks for the drag portion,(can be used). Oh yea, a driveshaft loop,(they expect to be running 11's in the 1/4 mi). Hmm, also if you have a new set (2) of 225/50/25's and (2) 245/50/15's in autocross compounds,(Kuhmo's or similar), they might want to talk to you,(or you can talk to me and I'll talk to them). I'm all about being charitable to the Z community, so lets support this effort! -Bob
  13. I am looking for a rolling chassis. Not interested in interior, motor or tranny. Must have a rust free body. Again, must be rust free. I can deal with very minor rust, such as a tiny amount on the fender edges, and maybe some minor stuff on the floor, but nothing under the battery, nothing in the rocker panels or the front or rear. This is going to be used for a suspension transplant from a more modern car,(not a drag race car). I also want a straight body,(I plan on painting, but don't want to spend big bucks on body work). My budget is up to $1000. I might spend a bit more if you have one with an engine I can sell. I live in Norfolk VA and can travel to pick up the car,(I have a trailer). Up as far as NYC, down a far south as Atlanta, GA. Not too far West. E-mail is the best way to contact me. Thanks, Bob Hanvey
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