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  1. I can only hope!!....... There is still so much to do. When is Canby??
  2. After 2 yrs of putting all other projects ahead of my own, I've finally began to assemble my engine. I started with a JCR Supercharger setup I purchased from 1TuffZ. In working out the plans for my setup, I came to the conclusion that i wanted to use the best of today's technology in the build. So this ment alot of special, and custom items were going to be needed.......So below is what I have done so far. Custom SC Cam grind from with Paul Rushman's help, via Rebello Racing. Kameari Twin Gear Timing kit. Custom JDM Tensioner ( kameari Twin Gear setup. ) Kameari 1.0mm Headgasket Kameari R
  3. Thank you guy's for the kind words, much appreciated.
  4. If anyone is interested, I can get the chromed Trimmed REPRO Covers from japan. Roughly $375 with shipping and dollar conversion. If anyone is intersted, I'd have to contact my source and find out if he has any. You can PM me if interested.
  5. Just as another example of the ZX Gnose ( S130 ). Here is a actual item purchased by a hybridZ member a few weeks ago when he was in Japan. He had to cut it in half to get it shipped back to the states. (ouch!). As I siad, the S30 G-nose I believe is also a one-piece unit just like this one.
  6. What information I have, show's the kit to be a 3 piece fiberglass. S30 -240ZG Kit specifications: G nose/over fender/rear spoiler . So it looks to be a complete one piece G-nose like the S130.
  7. I'm looking into that with MONTEZUMA. I know that the S130 G-nose is one piece.... I would not be surprised if the S30 G-nose was also. I personnelly like the idea of it being a one peice unit.
  8. See Group Buy section at Hybridz for getting this kit direct from japan.
  9. MONTEZUMA: Can you answer that question?? Is it a solid nose, or a 5 piece kit?? I've never actually seen it in person, hope to soon!!
  10. Yes your right.. thanks for pointing that out. I'm not sure if its a 5 piece of not. I will see if I can get more specific information. Don't hold your breath though, it took myself and my distributor over a month just to get them to discuss exportation. I'll see what I can do.
  11. I have first hand time installing kits, and even the MSA kits take alot of work to get them correct. Unfortunetly, the kits that fit our older S30's aren't like the new ones you can get for the later model cars. Designers today plan ahead on such idea's unlike in times past. Thats why you will usually find specific lines are incorperated in the design work of the bodies which give the aftermarket tuner companies better guide lines, and instillation options that make the kits much easier to mount and design for each app.
  12. Wanted to let all Z enthusiasts know, In the process of looking into the Aritaspeed G-Nose kit for the S130. I made sure to inquire about the G-nose kit for the S30, to include the complete Body kit. I will post the info here, and if anyone is interested in having the real deal Shipped direct from japan, let me know and we will start the ball rolling. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The price is higher than I wanted, but aritaspeed is not the most friendliest at export proceedures. Here are prices: G-Nose S130= $775 G-Nose S30 = $800 G-nose full body kit
  13. Sal was the only guy there that I really wanted to speak with. Everyone else didn't seem to know what they were selling. I to have noticed a serious decline in the service quality with MSA. I contributed it to their huge growth in the last 5 years. Its definitely going to be a big loss... I wish him well, with much respect for all he has done for the Z community. B.
  14. OER also has some TBI they sell. hanen't seen them in person yet, but they look really simple and clean.
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