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  1. Seems that my z needs a new clutch. So far I have done all the work on the car and am not about to take it in to get a clutch put in by a mechanic, so i am going to do it myself. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look out for or anything that may make it easier to do the drop and swap??Thanks for your help.
  2. Thoes are perfect. Sent private message to ask more!!!
  3. Thanks alot, for the website and rim info!!!
  4. Wondering if anyone has or knows where i can get a set of black mesh rims for my 280Z. Company does not matter, but looking for that old school mesh with a aluminum lip. If anyone has some and would sell, that would be great! or if somone has contacts and would share. Thats awesome too. Thanks
  5. Ok this is what i mean, when i am moving with my foot on the gas all is ok...However if i put in the clutch and its in neutral, the engine speed is at 2100 rmp. when i come to a stop the over rev drops back down to idle at 1000 rmp. So it only happens when i am moving. If i upshift when moving, the car will push until it hits 2100 rpm. So if moving the engine wants to be at 2100!! If anyone can help, it would be wonderful.
  6. My 280z (EFI) idles at a steady 1000 rpm when at rest, when i start driving however the idle jumps up to 2100 rpm. Its stays high, until i come to a stop then it drops back down to 1000. If I am moving at all the idle is too high!! Help me please
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