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  1. View Advert WTB Door Glass bumper Looking for door glass bumper L and R for a 240Z. Advertiser nismospek Date 06/15/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 0 Model 1973 240Z  

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    Looking for door glass bumper L and R for a 240Z.


  3. These are still available for sale. Need them gone so I can go ITB. Willing to let them go for 700 shipped CONUS.
  4. Bump these are still for sale. Want to go ITB, willing to let these go for 1150 shipped CONUS.
  5. I just saw your wanted ad on craigslist. Ill give you a call.
  6. Have a triple set of SK 40mm carbs. Comes with isolators and filter gaskets. Asking 1000 OBO.
  7. Looks like I might be a bit out touch on these. Reduced asking price to 1500 OBO.
  8. I have a completely rebuilt with new gaskets set of triple mikunis. They are missing the throttle body assemblies and one carb is missing the filter/velocity stack studs. These are a matched set with 150 Main Jets, 220 Air Correctors, 52.5 idle, and 40 pump jets. Asking 1500 OBO
  9. I recently completed upgrading my Z and was left with some left over parts. Tokico Illuminas with less than 1000 miles on them. Upgraded to coilovers and found one of the shocks was blown. Selling the 3 good ones with a set of Eibach Pro Springs. Asking 400 OBO Datsun Comp Intake Ceramic Powder Coat Ported out to 45mm on carb side. No Linkage. SOLD Arizona Z Car Steering Knuckles- Brand new. Attempted to install but found out that they are not compatible with Techno Toy front suspension. SOLD 10mm Spacers SOLD Here is your chance to get rid of points. Dizzy was on my l28 with a Crane XR700 with optical trigger and a Mallory Promaster Coil. Asking SOLD SUs with intake Asking SOLD Reinhard Twice Pipe 2 in 2 out muffler. This muffler has the largest tube size that I know of. 60.5mm in and out. Asking SOLD.
  10. Reduced asking price 800 OBO.
  11. Reduced asking price 850 obo.
  12. 40MM SK OER triple carbs. The carbs come with new master rebuild kits from OER and the following new weber style jets etc. F11 Emulsion tubes x 3. Main Jets x 6 of each 120, 122, 125, and 130. 35 pump bleed x 3. Air jet 200 x 6, 45F9 idle X 6. It has new OER 45 pump nozzles, used 75 pump nozzles and non numbered pump bleeds in there currently. They come with a set of new baking isolators and gaskets. They do not come with the fuel fittings. Asking 1000 OBO
  13. Sorry can't help you out with the value. Not many Zs around Denver too. Sorry for your loss, I hope your insurance gives you a fair deal so you can get into another Z soon
  14. I am surprised this is still available especially with all the extra parts you have. I bet you could get more than your asking price through Bring a Trailer or Ebay.
  15. I have a triple set of 40mm Mikuni PHH for sale. I had them inspected and matched by my local Z expert. Asking 1350 shipped within the US. I also have a Cannon manifold with missing linkage that I can throw in for 1500 shipped.
  16. Lucky you, that looks like Datsun Competition Intake too. Those are datsun comp carbs too if I recall correctly. They have that mirrored U on the top. For those looking I got a set of triple 40s that just need to be inspected and I will have a set of 44s for sale once I drop them off to get rebuilt.
  17. Pretty cool mini documentary.
  18. Really good vid. 240Z owned by Speedhunters photographer.
  19. Sadly, its going to be a while before I get them installed. I decided to complete an engine swap instead of completing my entire suspension. I called and got a small discount on the swift spring upgrade which I believe is the way to go. The swifts are linear springs so they should react the same way. You can also choose your spring rates, I went with the recommended springs. I currently have Illuminas with Eibach springs which ride really well. I think it will be a little bit of over kill when I move over the BCs. I decided to go with the coilovers for height adjustability. The front of my car is a little taller than the rear.
  20. I bought mine directly through BC, just give them a call or email them.
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