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Datsun Comp Intake, AZC Steering Knuckles, Illumina Shocks, Eibach Springs

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    I recently completed upgrading my Z and was left with some left over parts. 

    Tokico Illuminas with less than 1000 miles on them.  Upgraded to coilovers and found one of the shocks was blown. Selling the 3 good ones with a set of Eibach Pro Springs. Asking 400 OBO

    Datsun Comp Intake Ceramic Powder Coat Ported out to 45mm on carb side. No Linkage. SOLD

    Arizona Z Car Steering Knuckles- Brand new. Attempted to install but found out that they are not compatible with Techno Toy front suspension. SOLD

    10mm Spacers  SOLD

    Here is your chance to get rid of points. Dizzy was on my l28 with a Crane XR700 with optical trigger and a Mallory Promaster Coil. Asking SOLD

    SUs with intake Asking SOLD

    Reinhard Twice Pipe 2 in 2 out muffler. This muffler has the largest tube size that I know of. 60.5mm in and out. Asking SOLD. 










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    Is that just the muffler or some other piping comes with it?

    I can't till from the pix....also will be nice if you at least remove the bubble wrap to see more clear.

    Thank you


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