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  1. I am now planning on selling this car. I have a guy lined up to put the seal in for me. I now need to find a Canadian supplier. It seems most places do not stock them anymore or if they do, they don't have part numbers going back that far. Black Dragon says the same rear engine main oil seal is used up to 1978 (I am taking their word for it). Their price is ok, $12.95. But I have a hard time paying $25 for shipping plus duty for a $12.95 part. Courtesy Nissan was higher. Any Canadians out there please give me a local supplier? I would appreciate it.
  2. ok $300 to replace the seal... are these relatively easy to replace?
  3. ya, I couldn't figure out why oil would be in there, I don't know much about clutches but I know oil would cause problems there. Thanks,
  4. my 72 z is pretty much a project car (my second 240z). I very much have my hands full with other things and don't get much time to work on it. Its a toy. 2 years ago, I left it at a transmission shop over the winter to have a clutch installed. When I picked it up last spring, I coudn't get it going. It woudn't start, tried every thing (ultimately I think it was stale gas). This spring I finally got it going, but pulled the alternator off, and only put it back on yesterday. I started it up (runs nicely), but a huge puddle of oil formed under the rear of the engine/front of the transmission. It to be blunt is leaking like a sieve. It never leaked before I took it to the transmission shop, I felt around underneath, and it could be one of two or three things but primarily, I suspect the f*&king transmission shop didnt put all the bolts back in the bottom of the bell housing. question, ARE there supposed to be bolts at the bottom corner where the transmission and engine go together (this is somewhat rhetorical since there is a bolt hole in the engine side and one on the transmission side) right where the bolt appears to be missing. And if one of these was missing, would the engine/transmission leak that much oil? Where would the oil be from - engine or transmission, (the motor oil doesn't seem to have dropped any)? AND finally, if my suspicion is correct, what size bolt to I need to buy to replace this. After two years, Im not even going back to the shop on this.
  5. Hi I have a 72 zed (very much a project) and an 84 Nissan 720 pickup 2.4 L engine. Neither are my daily driver. The alternator in the truck went a few years ago, and I purchased a new one. When I was putting it in, I being stupid at the time did not disconnect the battery and got a huge spark touching the alternator to a live wire. I figured I may have fried it. After I put the alternator in, my battery warning light came on dimly and constant. So out of frustration, I took the alternator out of the zcar and it fit. Although the light came on dim as well. I eventually stuck the new alternator into the 240z and it seems to be ok. I am actually quite surprised by this. I am now doing some work to the truck to sell it. Difficult to sell with a bad alternator and I don't want to put $180 bucks into it to sell it for $1200. Especially now that I don't think the new alternator was fried but is the wrong amp. I suspect it is 50 not 60. So... I went to the local boneyard to find an alternator. I have since pulled two one from an 84 stanza - got it home and it wasn't even a close fit. Had a closer look the next time I went, and bought another one and it is close but the housing for the top bold is about 1/2 " back so it doesnt fit either. I really want to find a $20 alternator but Nissan 720s and 240z's are hard to find in junkyards now. Question, what other cars would likely have an alternator that fits the z or 720? Would a 280zx 60amp work? what else?
  6. Hi Im 45 years old. I had a 70z restored, but got rid of it abut 8 years ago. Then I bought a 72z which has been pretty much sitting while I bought parts etc to restore. It needs rust work but the floors are good and rails not bad. we moved into a newer house a few years ago and I am putting up a garage. I bought a 6m sailboat last summer Ive always loved 240z's. ...and I bought a 71 TR6 a few weeks ago. I now have waaaay too much going on. I just spent the afternoon working on the z car carb. Will post carb questions later. The car actually has the original AM FM radio, and I started playing with the antenna switch and it actually works! Ha! Now I have to keep this car too. anyway Im back after a couple years of inactivity, so I thought I would stop and say hi. The z car might end up getting a maaco paint job and be the kids car for a few years. I will then restore it again, and it will be my car. or... to heck with the kids, I'll convince my wife I need 3 cars (my daily driver is a 07 Subaru Impreza SE) and a sailboat. anybody got ridelin?
  7. This is timely. Its sunny and hot here in western canada. My kids are out of school and I should be spending time with them tomorrow (friday afternoon) I AM taking the day off, but... There is a 73 240z at the boneyard with primo fenders that I need to get. I have my 10 and 12mm sockets ready to go, but I need to know what other tools Im going to need and what to do. I know I have to take the cowl off, and probably the front bumper. I want to be done removing 2 fenders in 2 hours. Instructions please!
  8. At least its a Z. a few years ago, there was no Z-Car in Nissan's stable. Id rather there be a 350z than no Z at all.
  9. How much did you get for them. I have a set.
  10. How much are the D hubcaps worth? not as much as the z ones.
  11. I went back to the junkyard at lunch. My daughter is taking a summer school class so it gives me an hour to kill. Nothing like wandering around a junkyard. Ha! ...anyway, I had a chance to see the car up on the rack. And Im much more relieved now. My biggest concern was hauling yet another POS home and listening to my wife bitch at me. I like to collect things... anyway the floor pan frame under the passenger seat is rusted clear through and buckled. ANd it looks like the floors were replaced once already. I will be stripping this car and donating the parts to my '72. fenders are good, front valence good. questions: can I put the intermittent windshield wipers on my 72? can I put the lighted instument panel, seatbelts and electric fuel pump from the 73 onto the 72? these would seem like upgrades if its not too much work. And I would like to get the rocker panels off it up to the fender bolts. How can I take these off in a junkyard? anyone? a hacksaw comes to mind but seems like a full day job.
  12. ...man, Im buying a sailboat this week. Might just tell the bank to give me another 500 bucks. Can the bumpers be swapped to a 72 bumper?
  13. Ok, Im a bit of a 240z snob. Always have been... I had a 1970z that was pretty much restored. Sold it, eventually bought a 72 that needs a ton of work. I liked the 70, but have been brainwashed into believing the 72 is the best 240z. I was at a junk yard today and they had just brought in a 12/72 240z. (I assume its a 73) it has the flat top carbs. and it won't start. they are going to sell it for $550. It needs a lot of interior work but the frame doesnt have holes and the floorboards appear to be ok. It looks like it was restored (at least the body was) in the past few years. Im going to get the fenders and some other stuff off it. But I can't help thinking why don't I just buy the whole car and switch the carbs... swap my interior into it and drive it. question: what are the differences between this and a 72. were the bumpers changed by 12/72? It kind of looks like the front bumper sits out a bit further. what else?
  14. I opened the front float cover, but couldnt get the cover all the way off. The float itself was interfering. There is a tab or something on the carb that I coudnt get clearance around. Anyway I sprayed more carb cleaner into the float chamber and into the underside of the cover, and it started. Although running very rough now. Im going to buy some carb cleaner gas additive and run it through the gasoline and see if that helps get the gum out. oh and reset my points a little closer.
  15. ...and since my float chambers are practically bone dry, thats my best clue yet. I will work back from there.
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