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  1. I scanned the article about my 71 truck from Lightning Mag. However, Most of my photos are on the crease. What can I do to stitch the two halves together? I hop I don't have to by a $600 photo edit program! http://public.fotki.com/DatsunVic/photo-artical-of-my/ Oh. Can anyone Translate for Me?
  2. That's one of the best written Wikki's I've read yet.
  3. Hey Don't pick on him too much !!! Anybody with an avatar photo of vintage 1982 Volk racing mesh can't be too bad!!
  4. Frekin AWESOME Link Lachlan! Good Find!!!
  5. I can't take any credit for this design. It was made by a Local 240Z AutoXer. Bryan(?!?) Somebody help me out with his name..
  6. But I share these with other lists, and there has been problems before with non members veiwing the photos I have on this site. I dont know if it's not something to do with the link I supply to them or not, But last time, I got back alot of "Can't see the photos!".
  7. Terry and Kogi have updated their site with many more photos than I took. Another plus is that Yamaguchi-san is a real photographer, and not just a hack like me. Enjoy http://www.katysnest.com/garelly-j/j-2007/Datsmeet-datsunmeeting/Datsmeet-top.htm
  8. Thanks for the comments Will! The sticker on my roadster's fender is "Cone Killer Racing"
  9. Enjoy! Please leave comments! I hardly ever get comments on my photos http://public.fotki.com/DatsunVic/datsmeet/
  10. Ouch! I hope he fixed it and is running again. nice car and wonderfull sound!
  11. What are Points? Is that something from the stone age before Nissan EI?
  12. Mr. BH, The man of a thousand Nissan Forums! Now you want to join the Classic Datsun Pickup Forum too? http://www.olddatsunpickuplovers.com/ Are you SURE you want a 620? There's an AWESOME 521 for sale! http://www.olddatsunpickuplovers.com/forum6/410.html Anyway, If you want a truck, Count on me to look for you! Pre Smog? the 78 620's have got the disc brakes! but you gotta get the government all up in your buisness.
  13. Just a bump up to remind folks that this Saturday is on....
  14. I hope I'm not too late to get an Oscillator. I've owned the clock for 10 years and so far It's just been a conversation piece. Which is as much as it can be without the Oscillator to run it!
  15. I just edited to keep it kind on topic - No one is censoring your opinions, just keeping the site informative. You can test this yourselves by starting a new thread about ugly cars, edit guidlines, ugly moderators - whatever BTW - Nothing has been "Deleted". It can all be restored if you ALL want. with the push of a button. Show of hands - Put it all back? Leave it alone? Trim it again to keep it about a 240K for sale? (which would include this post, responses to this post, and bits and pieces of others.) Who's reponse has more weight? 1 The original poster (Alfadog) 2 the other "On Topic"
  16. Me too. And I even bought the special bent wrench from MSA. Used it once and never again. Now it's two wrenchs and a feeler gauge. Although I did buy and have started using a stepped feeler gauge.
  17. Can't set it down! Kudos on the great job. Loved it cover to cover. Especially the Motor Sport pages. Very cool to learn about victories on the track. The "Nissan Versa/Tilda Wins First Road Race Championship" Blurb sould have been located there instead of the front "Redline" section. I had trouble re-finding the artical to show it to a friend. The Auction artical had some date information about the price range of the 510, as the prices on those cars have really shot up lately.
  18. Michael! Funny! I see you posted this on 1/3 - I was using your paint chip page a day before, on 1/2 to confirm that my 510's Gold 920 was the same as the Z car. Just to show you that your contribution is, and has been, appreciated.
  19. Sorry, But I was in line for the rallye clock for the past 5 years! I have the clock, but not the oscillator. Even after throwing out a $350.00 offer, I'm still looking.
  20. HLS30-125678 - That's an early 73 alright! Production date 9/72?
  21. Wow thanks for the imput. Will, the Cannon Optura Xi sounds great, but the 1.4K was more than I was "shooting for". David, What brand camera are you talking about? I did a search and saw quite a few. I'd worry that the DVD drive would error in the shake. Your Porsche, on a track is alot smother than my 510 on a dirt/paved/rutted back-country California road. I too will be strapped to a Corbeau, so the remote sounds REAL good! How much shooting time do you get. I'm planning about an hour a day (highlights of twisty sections) Pegasus Racing suggests the Sony DCR-HC32 MiniDV Camcorder. But that'
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