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  1. sblake01...It was a different part that i told you about last thursday...Check for yourself...THANKS..
  2. Still cleaning out my shed and came across a grill.One of you guys can have it for free.I JUST HAVE TO GET SOME BATTERYS FOR MY CAMERA. I belive it is a 240z front grill.All you have to do is pay for shipping unless you want to pick up in Colorado?
  3. I waited until saturday to go shopping and i bought 3 wii systems..I was shocked they still had some.
  4. I Have A Front Grill For A 240z For Free.e-mail Me And I Will Try To Send You A Pic.shipping Is All You Pay
  5. All you guys know me.Im not kidding if you need this part let me know.I think it will fit more years than 69 70...A few of you have bought parts from me and this is noBS.Shipping is all you have to pay..10 dollar donation to classic z would be nice.but pm me for my number//
  6. If anyone needs this lets make a 10 dollar donation to the z club...
  7. here is a pic.hopefully it comes up...A little blury but here it is..
  8. Im going to go take a pic and you guys can have it if you want it.
  9. Its a free part in excellent condition...No kidding free...
  10. I have something for you.My boys in colorado get first chance.All you have to do is pay for shipping.I just need to get it out of my shed.Were tearing down my shed and putting a mother in law house in the back.PM me and I will give you my number.
  11. Am i going to have to buy my own kid her shirt for winning this contest?...keep them coming and we will go from there..All the pics look great...
  12. I would say grandkids are in since we know there is a few oldies out there..
  13. Thats a great pic.Looks a little scary with the tiger grinning in the back....
  14. here is another on for halloween..I guess the pic didnt upload...
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