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  1. It is the RLS30 number. Thanks for all of the replies.
  2. Where would I find the vin number on my 260z?
  3. it just feels like the gear doesn't exsist. I have tried every single way that ya'll mentioned but none of them work. There's no grinding at all. If you put it into reverse it will just sit yhere or roll if you are on a hill. I'll go take a look at the reverse fluid.
  4. Howdy guys. Its been a while since I've gotten onto this site and I'm sure nobody remembers who I am (if they ever knew). But anyways, I have a small problem with my 74 260, the reverse is out. I've been perfectly fine with pushing it out of certian parking spots but now that school is coming back in it is just way too hectic in the parking lot to do such a thing. I'm figuring that the transmission fluid must be very dirty, therefore, it will not go in reverse. What I am asking is how would I get about draining the transmission fluid to refill it. I have fairly good mechanical prowess so I doubt that anything wouldn't be that hard of a task for me. Thanks