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  1. 1970 1st Series. Serial Number 7736
  2. I was looking for a fuel pump in the Summer 2006 edition of the Black Dragon (Victoria British?) Z catalog. The catalog indicates that the '70 240Z has two fuel pumps, an electric by the gas tank and a mechanical in the engine compartment. I'm pretty dang sure this isn't correct. Is it? :stupid:
  3. At the risk of asking a stupid question... My '70 Z stopped running while idling. 1) I disconnected the line after the fuel pump and turned it over, no gas spurted out. 2) I removed the filter and blew through it to make sure it isn’t clogged and then replaced the filter. 3) I repeated step "1" and still no gas spurted out. Most likely the pump is bad? Right? Thanks.
  4. I was looking at the Jan 30th AutoWeek today. There's an article about some big name business people, not just automoblie business. A couple of them name the 240Z as their idea of a car design icon. It's on page 17.
  5. I agree with Pete. I had mine done at a radiator shop for less than $100. Worked out great.
  6. Dang! Only one would open in Windows Media Player. The rest would open in a new window with a bunch of gibberish. I wonder why?
  7. Check out what's in the background of this one of a burned out Pantera. http://www.wreckedexotics.com/pantera/pantera_073002_001.shtml
  8. I'm pulling mine out. I wonder if it's worth selling on ebay. It's a dealer installed from 1970.
  9. I need to have a car shipped to me. Where do I start making arrangements? The car is 1,200 miles from where I live and I don't the time off from work to drive up there and tow it back. Any suggestions? The car belonged to my dad and his estate is being cleared out so I need to make arrangements ASAP. Thanks!, Steve
  10. Hi, I'm missing one of the black metal clips that hold the vent covers in place for a series 1 240Z. The vent is on the rear deck/hatch back. Do you know where I can buy one or have any suggestions for a subsitute? Thanks, Steve
  11. Only thing I know about it is that stock, the 510 took 13" rims and the Z took 14".
  12. What's the other car in the ad? It says "351 GT" on the rear; is it a Ford pony car that we didn't get in the States? Looks cool from what I can see. :classic:
  13. Very nice! I wish mine shined like that. I guess I'd better get busy.
  14. My car sat for about 8 years. I had my tank "boiled" out by a radiator shop. They also painted it and it looks really nice. The cost was about $60. Before, the car would run about 5 minutes then the filter would be clogged; after, there has been no problem. I didn't coat my tank. The raditor shop cautioned against coating it because they said that if the coating starting coming off the tank would be ruined.
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