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  1. Hey, I see you live in Central Fl. So do I and I am very interested in your car, I may even have a trade for you. But E mail me about the car and price, I just need more info. SmusicmanS@aol.com
  2. WOW, I’m so glad that it’s not the clutch. I found this place in Ocala fl. its about 30 to 45 mins. from my house. It’s called Z cars of Ocala. They specialize in z cars and foran cars. It looks like its going to be the slave cylinder and the master cylinder. This news is such a relief to me, because there is know way that I would have been able to do that job, and I sure heck dident want to pay $600 for a clutch job from another place. By the way, does that sound right or is that really high? And one more question, when you redo the clutch, should you replace the flywheel? I have had about 2 places say that you should. Anyway, thanks Steve for giving me the heads up and I’m so glad I won’t have to deal with what you have gone though. Like dad says, learn from other people’s mistakes. Thanks steve
  3. Hey everyone. I need to replace my clutch on a 1980 280zx. I have never done it before, but I have been thinking of doing it. All I have to guide me is my handy haynes book. I dont have any Idea on what it is going to consist of and how long it will take. I priced a clutch kit and its was 136.00. One a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is it, 10 being the hardest. If you have any advice or hints about doing it let me know before I get started. Thanks, Steve
  4. no hard feelings taken, I have tried other threads, but nothing compares with this one. My car would not be running with out the advice this site has given to me. especially Zmefly.
  5. Prayers are with him, family, and friends. Prayers are one of the most important things we can do for one of each other, lets remember to keep or men at war and are president in prayers too. Billramsey2002, keep us posted on his condition.
  6. Well thanks for your opinions on the z and zx cars. Not too many facts, but what was given helps out. I do have another question, why do you say 280zx are not a real Dustan. They were still in business and the name was still datsun, It hadn’t changed yet. Anyway, I was just wondering because every time I mention the zx series, it gets put down. I have a 1980 280zx and I love it. It still is the best looking sports car in the school parking lots, and it gets these really nice stares at the gas station, and when I drive by people, they are still in awe because they could not figure out what just flew by them. I love my 280zx, but then again I would love to have any z car. I got this car when I was 15, I’m 18 now. When I got it, it did not work, the body was crap, and the interior was crap. Know that I have fixed it us real nice, it’s a part of me, but what’s cooler, my girlfriend is attached. I was thinking about selling it for extra college money, and she about left me. I don’t know who's more attached?? Anyway, it sounds like the 240z and 260z are the hot ones, and maybe one day I'll have one, in the mean time we can all dream about the 350Z. I think for a first car, I couldn’t have anything better then a 280zx. How many other people have a z car as a first?
  7. Hey this is just a question that I have been wanting to ask for a while but never got the time. What is the difference in a z and a ZX. Is there one??? If there is witch one is better???? just a few questions. Thanks
  8. :stupid: I'm stupid!! What do you mean by electrical plugs??? I have never heard of something like that. Do you mean spark plugs, or fuses or relays? Let me know I’m sorta new with all this mechanical stuff. I looked in my Haynes book and did not find anything with that terminology. Thanks Steve
  9. Hey all, I have a 1980 280zx. It is running great sense I put a new fuel pump on it. But it still wants to act up from time to time. I will be driving down the road, and I lose all power in my tact. My rpms just completely drop and the car dies. Now I still have power for my radio, lights and everything else like that. It’s just the rpms that die. I start it back up and it may do it once or twice more, then it runs great. What could be causing this? Like I said, it only happens once and a while. Thanks Steve
  10. If you cant find what your looking for, I have a 1980 280zx i have been thinking about selling. let me know at SmusicmanS@aol.com
  11. Is that all you have, no door panals or back carpet?? -steve-
  12. I dont know guys, those seats look real close to the ones i have in my 280zx, same color too.
  13. Thanks for the info guys, I will keep in touch if I have anymore questions. I cant start the project right away because my scedual is crazy. I will have to do it after school lets out. Thanks again, Steve
  14. :stupid: I just showed my dad this car and he told me his brother had one just like it when he was about 18. My grandpa bought it for about $1500. My uncle got sick of doing all the little things to keep it running and spending the money on it so he got ride of it for $300. My dad said he cryed for weeks when his brother sold it. It was the same charry red and eveything. I should send this too him, he would cry his eyes out too when he sees how much this car is going for.
  15. Hey does anyone have any door panels for a 1980 280Zx. The interior is blues perferably, but I think I can paint over the vinal if its another color. I need them with no cracks. Let me know if you have any, and or if you have any Ideas on how to redue them. Im looking also for a carpet for the back hatch Thanks Steve
  16. Hey y'all. Hows it going??. I need to fix my door panals on a 1980 280Zx and I dont know how to go about it. Should I just buy new panals from somewhere and where would I get them, or should I go out and buy some vinal or carpet and do it myself, and how would I go about doing that. The interior color is blue. If you have any Ideas on what I should do with them or how I should do it let me know. Thanks, Steve:stupid:
  17. Dose anyone know how to do a test on a ignition moduel for a 1980 Datsun 280zx?? Thanks Steve
  18. Hey, Dose anyone know how to do a check on the ignition moduel on an 1980 Datsun 280Zx. Thanks Steve
  19. ok thanks alot. it looks like i have alot of homework to do. I'll get back with you. steve
  20. ok, a few questions.. The ignition module, what exactly is that and what does it do?? Would i have that on an fuel injected? Next, you mentioned junck being in the gas tank, wouldent it do the same thing when it is idaling too. See it only does it when its in a gear or gets above 3500rpms. My next question is there a way to test the air temp or water sensor?? I put a new fuel pump relay on and it is good. Now about smoking and makeing funny noises. It does not smoke, but it does make sounds when it acts up. It sounds like it is being chocked. thanks steve get back with me.
  21. This is a list of all the things i have changed and tested. 1)Spark plugs and wires 2)Distributer cap and roter 3)Airflow meter 4)Coil 5)I checked the timing, was off but fixed it. 6)New fuel filter 7)New fuel pump about 3 years ago and have kept nothing but prem. in it. any more ideas??
  22. Hey, changed my fuel filter last week. Anything else it might be??
  23. Hey everyone. I am having big problems with my 1980 280ZX and i cant figure out whats wrong. See, what happens is when I am going down the road I lose all power when I push on the gas, and my car jerks and the tack drops. Then the tack comes back up and i get my power back, and it does it over and over untill it dies. It does not matter what gear it is in and it does not matter how fast im going. But if i am in nutrual i can gas it all the way up to 3000rpm and then it gets foggy. Can you help me? thanks steve :stupid:
  24. ok, Thank you all for your help. It has helped out alot thanks steve
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