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  1. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!! I am now going to learn how to work in Excel....
  2. Since I'm not exactly too computer savvy, I tried adding my car's VIN, but was not sure how to save it on the website. Any instructions!
  3. I'll try this too, though I'll also admit that I have reached a slight when-is-this-damn-thing-going-to-be-ready-to-drive, and send you the wiper motor - name me a figure and I'll even pay for it to be fixed. Really!
  4. My 4Runner had the similar sounds, plus it would make the steering wheel shimmy. I had delayed in having the tires balanced. Perhaps it hopefully is something as simple as that.
  5. My husband graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and has always sailed on the Preposition ships for the Navy. Never saw him in his dress whites, but they have also 'shrunk' while sitting in his trunk. As for The Wife (me), I've also invested way too much time housebreaking my husband (I'm not kidding, either), plus I can never admit defeat, so I plan to stick around for the long haul...
  6. Brandy


    Ditto from another Z 'girl'. Rather than change the carbs, invest the money in a Factory Service manual specific for the year, and be as specific as possible when asking questions on this board (and trust me, you will have lots!). When I got my Series I Z, these guys were able to diagnose a gunked-up gas tank (had it cleaned out), SU carbs in need of a re-boring, and some electrical problems. I love the fact that compared to my husband's upgraded '69 Camaro, my Z is easy to work on. I also hope that you plan to learn about your car as you work along with your stepdad. (BTW, my first gut reaction to 'my stepdad wants...' was 'Get your own car!'...but then I calmed down) :cheeky: . Lots of people out there somehow think that the only way to get the 240Z to run is to gut the engine and change everything. While it can work for someone with the patience, knowledge and deep pockets to do upgrades, for the rest of us, the enthusiasm for this car also follows into the engine bay. And show us pictures!
  7. Since spiders need a steady source of food, using the bug bomb would be a great way to start. My storage shed unfortunately is home to a veritable colony of Texas Recluse spiders (and I have the resultant scars from bites), and I bomb the daylights out of it once a month. Amdro sprinkled along the wall/floor connection also keeps out other ants, roaches, etc. If at all possible, keep the garage as bug-unfriendly as possible *might* help, even if only a little.
  8. I have a spare...it's missing the tiny screw though, send me an email with your address....
  9. I'd love both; babydoll for when I'm in my skinny mode, big one for the rest....
  10. Also check the condition of the hoses bringing fuel to the carbs. When I had the carbs on my Z rebuilt, the original (read: Cracked) hoses had been re-used but not clamped into place.
  11. You guys are great - if you lived nearby I'd make you all lasagna. I went through the tech section, and literally downloaded everything from ZTherapy, it's just the basic simple how-does-this-thing-work that got me stumped. We replaced the spark plugs (the old ones were fouled), ignition wires (the old ones looked literally original), and I got a new ballast resistor since the original was cracked (not sure how important that was, but the new one was only a few dollars). I plan to *try* to use this car a few times a week to go to work (150 mile round trip every day), my commute is along a pretty deserted highway, and my husband didn't want to worry about my getting stuck when he goes back to work (he's a merchant marine). Plus, if my car works, I won't need to use his car (69 Camaro, but that car hates me anyway). We adjusted the idle using the tach and idle adjustment thingy *a brandy-ism*, so the car idles at around 800 rpm (anything less, and she gets rough). It was at that point that we tried to sync the carbs. And I'm not kidding about the guys at O'Reilly's not knowing what the unisys was for.... Thanks guys - now to find another thing wrong with the car....
  12. Hi all... Latest in my slew of apparently simple questions has to do with tuning the SU carbs. I had the carbs on my '70 240Z rebuilt, *supposedly* tuned by idiot mechanic, and now husband and I wanted to 'practice' using the synchrotester. Well, outside of the fact that the 'better' synchrotester by MSA is flimsy (read: broke), the carbs were vastly out of whack (front read 3 at idle, rear read 17). I ordered a uni-sys (sp) through the local O'Reilly auto store (a lot cheaper than MSA, even though its the same brand). Outside of the scary fact that the guys at O'Reilly had no idea what the thing was, I expected to be able to sync the carbs. Digressing back to question: how does the unisys work? We tried setting it up according to diagrams and pictures in both the FSM and Haynes manuel, but the little red thingy sat at the bottom of the tube (tube was maintained at a perfectly vertical position). Yes, car was running, yes, the air filter was removed, no, fingers weren't sitting on anything that needed to move, and no, no directions were included. Any simple ideas on what we are most likely missing?
  13. I have the original steering wheel, plus horn, from my '70 240Z, if you're interested. I restored it to the best of my ability using information from this website, so it looks pretty good. Let me know if you or anyone else is interested.
  14. Well, sort of. I really thought that the rims on my car were 14's, since lots of photos of other Zs with similar or the same rims were listed as 14's. That's why I questioned why I had 13" tires on the rims, and if it was even possible to have 13's on a 14's rim (if in fact the rims are 14's...I haven't the vaguest idea how to measure them short of removign the tires). The tires don't 'look' small, and when I placed the dimensions on the www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html website, it seems as if it's almost the same size (just a bit larger) than the originals. Bear with me guys. I tend to want to learn slowly (this way it'll stick to to the grey matter), and I just got through tuning the carbs and disemboweling and re-wiring almost the entire car (and no sparks nor shooting flames!), so I'm trying not to jump headfirst into the whole tire thing. I like the look of the slotted mags, and would prefer to be able to put as wide and large a tire on on it without having to deal with all the extras of additional offsets, etc, since this would be something I would have to trust a mechanic to do, and so far I really hate all of them near me since they know absolutely squat about older cars. I have no problem holding onto the rims and tires I have on the car right now, since the tires are fairly new, it's just finding future replacement 13's wider than 185 is the problem.
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