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  1. Why is it so hard to post an eBay link?
  2. It's a very nice z and I would consider adding it to my collection. I'm out of room in my garage but would love to get a super clean 240 driver. I think you will get what you want out of it. Hang on to it for a couple more years while I sell and build a house,
  3. Thanks for digging this up. On my to do list. I was hoping this would fix my air mixture. It's cold when the ac is on, and flaming hot when the heat is on. The air mixture lever doesn't do anything.
  4. Yeah, I'm interested. My next vehicle may be a diesel truck. It would be for sure, but I dont want a dodge, or a chevy, and Toyota won't sell them in the us.
  5. Yes, the lowering springs are loose when the car is jacked up. This will be true of any strut cartridge. This is normal. When I've got the car jacked up I let it down slowly and make sure that the springs seat properly. No biggie.
  6. I haven't used the kyb personally. I know guys with 240's in my local club that have them and like them, they commented on the nice ride. One has the eibach springs. I would suggest just doing the research to be sure. The only reason I could think of that it wouldn't be recommended was if the kyb had a shorter travel
  7. Thanks. I still have to clean up the engine compartment. It's "clean" and leak free, but it ran decent and I elected to put it off. Now it's bugging me with all of that efi wiring and ugly fuel rail etc.. I'll be putting a new motor in before long. here you go
  8. I'm in my 40's as well. I think you will be pleased with the eibachs.. I have them on in this pic, doesn't look lowered, but looks right..
  9. I put the eibach springs on my car, yes it lowered it an inch but I have plenty of clearance. It still sits higher than my 370 does. Never scrape or anything. The ride is fine for me. But I have poly bushings and the tokicos. I do use the stock size tires too, so they will ride a lot better than a larger rim size with shorter sidewall. I've heard good things about the kyb and their ride quality. If it were me, I would get rid of the worn out tired stock springs, do rubber bushings, or even poly, eibach springs, and kyb. That should get you where you want to be.
  10. Did you do version 2? Just go with a map sensor, or a wideband as well?
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