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  1. mayitin


    I have one if u are willing to pay for the shipping it may be as much as the hood 250
  2. I have a series 2 steering with horn text me for pics 228 697 1515
  3. I have one 300 for it no rust but I re line it since it was going to be in storage. interested e mail me at mcamps228@aol.com
  4. Hi , I have the hatch louver , the one that seats on the glass not the body if interested email me Mcamps228@aol.com good luck on your project
  5. back in the day the check valve was the problem, now car been this old I will say all of above that euroDat stated. the valve is a little thing on top of the fuel pump and the house is attatch.
  6. mayitin


    you are getting good advise. if its not ICM ( by the way the aftermarket one are worthless) take the fuel filter out and flow the gas into a Jar see if it has rust, if it does that is your problem . chanching the filter will only work for a little bit. gas tank must be taken out cleand and treated for rust. if not rust in the filter, look to the coil they get heated when there is no oil inside them. some ideas
  7. if you are going to sell the 4 barrel intake. I know some one in our club that is looking for one. years back a friend had the set up it run fine but he had to clean the plugs often. its hard to tune it so you go rich to balance the lean ones and thats how the problem begins.
  8. e mail me i may be able to help you Mcamps228@aol.com
  9. until
    this is our 10th anual Z cars show at Nssan Le Blanc in Gonzalez Louisiana. it starts at 9:00 till 3:00 pm prices, awards, food and entretaiment. Its FREE for more information call 225 445-5117
  10. Air tex seem to be the only one you can get at the stores . they do not last long, the best pump is the original one but but can no longer get the rebuilt kits. the spacer between the head and pump is important make sure is there. for many years I used mechanical pumps and had the same problems just buy a good electric pump and you will never have to worry.
  11. first you do need a good working dizzy, the stock points will not do it for your set up. second webbers are sensitive to weather cams etc . I usually do all my work but I had a difficult time sycronizing the carb especially with a the cam I had, i though I finally had it right so one day I went to Z meet and we were talking about our cars and a person name Bob dimaggio walked by and said your carbs are not right you must have falt spots, he tune the carbs it took him 15 mins and I can not tell you how fast smooth my car became. Latter I found out that Bob raced the 240s had a shop etc. Moral of the story it is difficult for us to tune carbs at idle with a cam unless we have done them for many years and many times .
  12. Hello, my name is Chris and I've got a 240z also in Mississippi. I am located in Brandon and would love to get together sometime to see your cars and pick your brain on how better to restore my 240z. Gimme a call or email pls. (404) 421-1630


  13. mayitin


    Just talk to him he said you can message him on Hybridz. I think is dot Org.
  14. mayitin


    I know Pete < i will call him and let him know. he still making fuel rails and other specialty Z car parts.
  15. until
    Gulf Coast z carclub will have their monthly meet. this time will be held in Theodore Alabama for more inf 251 377 4775 is a Thech meet for all Z its been held at a Z shop. its free and everybody is welcome.
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