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  1. After all the flushing this is what I got out when I took out the first drain plug 🙃 I’m not sure how I feel about this. This came out of the veins. Does coolant flow in between the pistons or just around them?
  2. For the pistons I put on blaster and a towel but I don’t see any other way around it. if any one has any ideas to help keep piston rings clean I’m all for it
  3. This is how I’m flushing the engine out.. hoa says I can’t do anything outside. so I got tarps and taped it so water drains out of my garage. Plugged all the holes and I’m using an air compressor to flush the system with water. I had put vinegar into the the system for a few days before doing this. look at all the hard Sediment that came out! I will repeat until I see no more color in the water then I’ll remove the expansion plugs and do a visual check and flush caution dirty water will go everywhere.
  4. This worked! I didn’t peel the rubber back due to how brittle it was sprayed it with a little silicone before pulling
  5. How do I take off the electrical connectors? I don’t want to break anything 😅
  6. Where can I get that bcdd connector if mine is broken like that?
  7. I actually did do it but I guess there’s a lot of build up in there next question what do the thing circled do?
  8. Next question how do you recommend I flush the rust out of the channels. I can’t pull the car out side to use a hose and I don’t think it’s a good idea to use water with the pistons open right?
  9. Hey question guys what company valve stem seals have you used? Any recommendations
  10. So I know the engine is blue. is it better to keep the stock blue color.. for value? Collector wise or can I change it to black. i reallly don’t like the stock blue haha
  11. So where should I get my head checked on. I live in Southern California.
  12. Yeah I was reading about it. I’m guessing they need a longer duration if pulse. And more fuel pressure. I’m not 100% but I believe the pulse is in relation to the distributor. Anyways I’m sure there’s a way with adding resistors or something to length pulse. Or you can just put a ecu instead of trying to work it analog
  13. Only reason I took it apart was because the coolant was complete dried up wanted to make sure the jackets were good. One of the head bolts had a little rust next to a coolant jacket. So I’ll just clean it up maybe get some head work done for breathablity and keep the stock efi system and an electronic distributor call it reliable 190 hp 👌🏽👌🏽
  14. The car only has 58k miles on it so I was really concerned haha
  15. Okok I’ve never seen an inside of a engine this up close and personal. The reflection threw me off. In pictures and videos it look like a stain ish reflex due to the cross hatches. thanks guys!
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