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  1. I’ve never done it before lol but it seems simple enough. Do I need to resurface the head I’ve read in forms people tell others to do all these things
  2. Another question should I replace the head gasket as a maintenance item or should it be ok? I have almost everything off and I’m replacing the timing chain and all the gaskets around the car..
  3. My question is does taking the egr out affect the emissions test. Not visual.. how does it affect it and if you run 91 octane will it run better maybe a high flow cat?
  4. I have a work around that I’m just thinking it won’t pass the dyno test... does it really make that big of a difference?
  5. I think I’m just going to chop it off and weld a plate in
  6. Should I get someone to weld that out chop the hole thing off and get it blocked off or get one of those “performances” intakes
  7. At this point I don’t think I was going to anyways lol the whole egr side of the intake is corroded
  8. This is the camshaft description. I was thinking adding this and possibly a thinner head gasket and go from there.. but it seems like that even then would be too much?
  9. Im thinking about stage 3 cam with a thinner head gasket.. and maybe flat pistons. But I want to know if the stock efi would be able to handle that
  10. Hey guys I have a 77 280z and I was wondering what is the highest compression ratio that can be run with the stock efi system? looked online there is a lot of information but nothing specific to the stock efi that I’ve seen.
  11. Yes to oe configuration. One thing I’ve realized is even if you think you don’t need something on the car.. there’s a reason why they added it in the first place, that one off chance a car doesn’t start may be due to a simple delete of a random water heater line.. don’t see the harm in keeping it.. But if i don’t want it to leak so that’s is why I’ll be tapping it just to make sure I put it on and the car heats up and leaves water marks on a freshly cleaned intake. only time I would delete something is if I go full stand alone, smarter computer basically does what these mechanical p
  12. I actually wasn’t planning on it I went out and bought a tap and die set and was thinking to tap 1/4 and get a brass elbow at the homedepot or something..
  13. Where can I get one no one seems to know what it is msa motorsports said they don’t have it
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