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  1. Dadsun,

    Did you find a housing? i have a customer who has one. Let me know.


  2. View Advert WTB: 70-72 240z Stock air filter housing I'm swapping my '73 240z to the round top SU carbs, and need to swap out my air filter housing as well. Looking to buy the one as pictured. Advertiser Dadsun Date 06/04/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z  
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    I'm swapping my '73 240z to the round top SU carbs, and need to swap out my air filter housing as well. Looking to buy the one as pictured.


  4. Another note is that the 15-30 second cold cranking process seems to have gone away. I suspect the vapor system leaks were causing the fuel to slowly drain from the rails and lines that run into the carbs, but not sure.
  5. Gas restore completed and ran much better today! Onward to suspension, and then my paltech round top carbs, pertronix ignition upgrade, interior restore, etc. Side note: the electric fuel pump runs all of the time; not just at cranking. Anyone wired this to only run at startup? I thought about adding a switch that lets me cut it off after starting. It's noticably loud through the floor of the hatch area.
  6. Thanks. That seems to have helped. And I fired her up. Stuck float makes sense. It's been sitting for about 2.5 weeks with the fuel rails detached.
  7. HELP! So, I finished the tank restore and reinstallation. Replaced fuel hoses everywhere except the hard lines, which I cleaned out as best I could. And even took off the fuel rail and cleaned. It's all back on and no leaks except now.... I've got gas pouring out of the front carb's air intake on the air filter housing. See pic. Everywhere else is bone dry. I have not fired it up yet, thankfully. Just testing for leaks with the electric fuel pump pushing.
  8. Turns out I have a great local source for the larger braided fuel hoses. Just under an hour away there is a heavy duty parts and machine shop in Natchez, MS, called Kaiser's. They do a lot of big tractor work, so they have big spools of hydraulic and fuel rated rated hoses. If you have a place near you that does similar work, check them out. I got the two larger vent hoses (5/8" and 3/4") there.
  9. Thanks. I may pick up one or two of those from Banzai, but some of the prices are just absurd. I can't stomach paying $80 for a choke cable grommet, for instance. Or $80 each for strut tower caps.
  10. Thanks. Some of the rubber grommets back there (and under the hood at the firewall) are either missing or deteriorated. Anyone successfully use something like Versimold to make various grommets?
  11. Did the POR15 tank seal process today. Now to let it cure. Before/after pic....
  12. Argh. Just got my zcardepot order in for some of the vent hoses. See pic. The special bend hose I thought I was getting is much smaller. Is the one in the package supposed to go on the vent opening just above the sending unit? It obviously doesn't fit the 5/8" vent near the back right bumper. That's the one that was rotted. I guess at this point I'll go buy four feet of that and two elbows. :-(
  13. The diamond pattern vinyl throughout the car is actually in pretty good shape except for the fading and one spot where a CB radio has been mounted, by the looks of it, since its heyday in the 70s. Is the entire door panel consistently the same vinyl? Mine must have a lot of wear along the top because it's a completely different "patina" from the bottom area.
  14. On the topic of door panels, vinyl tunnel covers, plastic panels... I will be on a quest soon to get them a consistent color. My plan right now is: 1. Get in the MSA 240z red upholstery kit (for seats), use that red to match with .... 2. Interior plastic - go to the Sherwin Williams automotive paint store and get them to match a good paint. 3. Vinyls on doors/strut towers/tunnel - buy a matching vinyl dye/stain from Sherwin Williams or online. What's worked for you guys who have done it? I'm also strongly leaning towards spending the $$$ to replace all 6 interior plastic panels, save maybe the rear. Source from zcardepot.
  15. Ha, ok. Well, today I decided to pull the trigger on paltech roundtops. On order. Does that change the discussion? :-)
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