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  1. Quite the paint job. Didn't even bother to take off the license plate. You can also see orange at bottom of the door jam.
  2. The Datsun Hunters out of Auburn, Georgia, have posted this one for sale on eBay. Thoughts? I have visited their shop, btw. 1970 240z restoration project.
  3. I have PM'd @dutchzcarguy. Just want to finish going through the boxes of old parts the original owner gave me to see if I have the originals. No luck so far,.so I plan to try to work something out with Mart.
  4. Ah, is this more what I should be aiming for as original? (The other 1973 z on BAT right now):
  5. Wow, interesting. Let me dig into this more for a day or so. I'll talk to the original owner and also see about pulling off the bumper. Will post more pics. See, here is a recent BAT post and this 1973 Z shows the bumpers coming all the way around to fill up the recess. So, this was either a Euro, or at some point Euro bumpers replaced originals?
  6. What am I missing here? Is it a piece of rubber moulding? Is the bumper I have too short? I bought this Z (1973 240z with 10/72 build date) from original owner a year ago and have worked my way out to the front and rear cosmetics. I see some Z's with bumpers that extend neatly into that cavity. Mine doesn't.
  7. My only play car I've had before this Z was a 2006 BMW 330ci convertible. Man, that thing was fun to drive. It was just impractical for that phase of family life. ...So then somehow I decided to get a 240z. 🙂
  8. On the Datsun grey discussion, so the front grill should be the same grey as the hubcaps and rear plate? Mine has been painted black, just like the rear plate.
  9. @jfa.series1, your suggestion to shorten that rod helped a lot. Thanks! See pic of new angle. I also swapped back to my original "pirate's hook" assembly since the one I recently acquired was at a more dramatic angle. Also put a little white lithium grease in some spots.
  10. Wow, great post. Meeting him in person would have been an honor. I still have the flat tops in a box. Maybe a restoration for another day. Did your rebuild them yourself?
  11. Is that Eye-Gor? Give him a sedagive...!
  12. I bought a couple of cans of this a few months back for the purpose. Anyone used it?
  13. I've been on the notifications for BAT for a while. Finally scratched the itch with my first 240z about a year ago. I bought it via Facebook marketplace from the original owner in Lafayette, Louisiana, about 1.5 hours from me. Still have the original title and receipts. It's a 1973 with build date of 10/72. So it apparently had the worst of the flat top carb iterations. 79K miles. He drove it maybe 3-4K the last 20 years. It is white with red interior, although the white is no longer stock Kilimanjaro white. It's a pearl white with a red hood stripe. I am finally driving it now tha
  14. No, it stays open. Revs up high immediately. Not good.
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