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  1. Dferr17

    Radio knobs

    Pretty sure the second and third from the left is what I need. Sent PM
  2. Dferr17

    Radio knobs

    Nibs, knobs I’ll take whatever I can get just to put something on the face of this radio hahA I’m guessing they look like this I even needs the lens with the station numbers but doubt anyone would have that
  3. Dferr17

    Radio knobs

    Does anyone know if 240,260,280 radio knobs are interchangeable? I have a 280 clarion radio and missing the black knob (have the chrome piece). Does anyone have 2 black knobs or know where to get replacements? Can’t seem to find them anywhere.
  4. Can anyone tell me what years and model Zs this plastic trim panel is compatible with? I had the piece listed for a 260z and 280z but was told it doesn’t fit a 260z. Thoughts?

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    Looking for a 240Z euro style chrome bumper, without the rubber strips. All the main Z stores seem to be out of stock or back ordered. Thanks


  6. View Advert 240Z euro style chrome bumper Looking for a 240Z euro style chrome bumper, without the rubber strips. All the main Z stores seem to be out of stock or back ordered. Thanks Advertiser Dferr17 Date 03/19/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1971 Model 240Z  
  7. Thanks for the replies. As you guys were helping, I was pulling off the turn signal switch off and took it apart. Cleaned anything that was corroded. So that switch is all clean and working, the hazard switch as well. I’ll check out the couple things you mentioned including following that circuit
  8. You’re right. That would’ve helped, 1971 240Z. Just edited the original post. Which fusible link would you be referring to? Is it specific to this part of the system? There was a link i replaced one the engine compartment. But i doubt you’re referring to that one.
  9. A complete car I bought that was off the road for about 15 years, unmolested, just sitting around with the typical rust and rot.
  10. 1971 240Z - So before anyone gets on me, i searched, searched and searched again. In a nutshell, my brake lights are not working nor are the hazards (tell me you havent heard this one before haha). Everything else seems to be working fine. Turn signals are good, dome, dash, headlights, horn are all working as should. ( i dont have the front signals hooked up yet) The first thing i checked were my fuses with a test light, they all lit up and fine(all the connectors were sanded down and cleaned prior). I'm getting power to the fuse box from the battery. After that i tested to see if i was getting power to the brake switch and there is no power to it. I then tested the back of the hazard switch. My test light is bright on one side and dim on the other. I took apart the hazard switch to check the connectors inside, all of them were clean. After that i changed the hazard relay flasher on the passenger side kick panel to a new universal one, problem still persists. All the bulbs in in the light sockets light up, i checked the grounds back there and all looks good Thoughts?
  11. View Advert 240z door panels Looking for black 240z door panels Advertiser Dferr17 Date 01/26/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1971 Model 240Z  

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    Looking for black 240z door panels


  13. No I sold them on the same same day I posted. Didnt ask enough for it. Ad should show completed. 

    1. Dferr17


      No worries. I just ordered Sean’s exhaust and waiting for it to be shipped by the end of the month. The headers would’ve went well with it. Thanks again 

  14. Hey there, are the headers still available?
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