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    I have a 1977 280z with a 1jzgte swap

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  1. Got the Ron Tyler diff mount in the mail yesterday and put it in! Haven't driven the car yet tho. Next I want a new rear cross bar and switch the rubber isolater to an actual top mount
  2. Thank you Zed head another thing I didn't consider too much! I wasnt able to move the engine side to side without lifting it with the crane first, and not at all after tightening them down but as far as the engine moving it's self under load while driving, I will definitely have to keep an eye on that !! Thank you for the thought! Although the only things I did not do myself on this whole build is design and Fab the motor and tranny mounts (I did do the square plates and hockypucks as I dropped the engine in) I had a friend shorten the water pump pipe and Grove it in a lathe for an oring for me. (Was made out of a 2jz water pump pipe that is 1/2 inch too long for a 1jz) and he unlocked, programed, and calibrated the ECU for first start up.
  3. Nice! That's a pretty cool sounding swap! Yeah I honestly haven't noticed any vibration or weird noises from my motormount setup, then again I have only granny driven the car around for maybe 30-50 miles total since it's been running, due to the lack of exhaust and only running on a basemap right now not really tuned at all gets lean when I try to accelerate much or build any boost just needs a good tune on the Dyno, but also the straight 6 I hear are very balanced engines compared to V8 or v6 that probably helps a lot too
  4. Awesome thanks guys! This is helping a lot! And grannyknot, here are some pics of the mounts, pretty ghetto but got the job done, and iv always been intrigued by the use of the hockypucks, they actually feel great too! One stock mount on passenger side of engine, mount to engine
  5. I would love to use the zx diff or whatever I can do to still use the longnose case so I don't need a new drive shaft .. again lol just dropped 500 to get this one made, all new drive shaft, not a mix of stock and new parts! Definitely gonna want better Axel's tho!
  6. And yea I almost didnt believe it when I saw that zx diff for 500 on eBay I was thinking that's probably open diff longnose r200 because the legit longnose is so rare I believe it was legit but would it even hold up to 300hp without being rebuilt? Definitely gonna check out Whitehead like wheee! Mentioned
  7. Thank you all for the replys and suggestions/ knowledge so far this is exactly what I needed/wanted! Money has and always will be the issue lol with that said I will definitely get that Ron Tyler designed diff mount, and once the car is tuned maybe keep the power around 300 for a while . And then work on suspension and disc brakes, than keep going from there slowly. I love this car, I have had it 11 years with the exception of trading it for a Supra and trading the Supra for another car than trading that car for my z back 6 months to a year later, obviously I can never get rid of it now and twisting the frame would be just awful! Exactly why I joined here I wasn't aware of what the car could or couldn't handle. Thank you!
  8. The transmission is a w55 out of a 04 lexus is300 it was very clean as you can see in the picture only 20 thousand miles on it. I've read these are good for about 350 hp, although it's the torque in higher gears in my opinion is what will kill a transmission. I feel 400hp would be safeish keeping in mind stay out of it in higher gears at least and don't be goosing it in 3rd and winding out the whole gear, but because the z is so much lighter than an is300 probably helps alot I would think
  9. For sure! Thank you!
  10. I saw a lsd out of a turbo zx on eBay the other day but didn't have $500, those are rare tho otherwise I have thought of eventually doing the r200 out of the Subaru and obviously custom axles but money eventually though!
  11. Yes thankyou! That's a really good idea! Never thought of that! This is exactly why I joined glad I did! thankyou!
  12. Hey I just joined here! IV been planning this build for about 5 years now and finally been actively working on it in my free time here and there for about a year and a half! This is the first engine swap I have ever attempted and it now runs and drives! Next step is an exhaust system and then getting it on a Dyno for the standalone ecu to be fully tuned! Please ask any questions and im very open to suggestions as to what to do next, because it still is a bone stock 280z chassis... And that's not good due to the 400hp minimum I plan to make at the wheels. The engine is a 1jzgte out of a jzx90 the Toyota mark II , cresta , or the mark X as it's also refered to , basically it's the JDM version of the Toyota Cressida that was sent to the states that I believe used a 5mge engine . Here is a list of all that I can think of that is done to the 1jz that is not stock! Link g4+ monsoon stand alone ECU,Panic Wire harness,10lb flywheel, 264 cam shafts, Head ported (intake side only), Adjustable cam gears, Eclutchmasters 6 puck unsprung clutch and pressure plate (stage 4)Drift Motion turbo kit Billet 6262 turbo (Garrett internals), manifold, wastegate tial replica, and 3" downpipe, Hks bov replica, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, 440cc injectors,Bosch 044 fuel pump, Arp head studs, rear sump oil pan conversion, Aem wideband Short throw shifter, a/c and p/s delete (shortened serpentine belt and new ribbed pulley on tensioner),vvti coils wasted spark setup, CX racing intercooler KVID0467.mp4 KVID0466.mp4 KVID0864.mp4