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  1. So how can I identify what year 280zx this came out of? I just check the ignition module and found that it is an E12-80. So after digging around it looks like this is out of a 1979-1981 280zx N/A. Can someone please confirm that this is correct? Also does anyone know what would be the recommended spark plugs and spark plug gap for this distributor? Thanks! Dan
  2. I've purchased my car a few years ago and never really did anything to the engine except for an oil change and new spark plug wires. I've decided to upgrade the ignition system by upgrading it to an electronic ignition and when I pulled my dizzy cap off to check the points system I found that it was already converted over to an electronic setup. I would like help identifying which electronic system is installed. See photos below. Looks to me that this may be an 280zx distributor swap. Can someone help me identify what I have installed? BTW...My Z is a 1973 240z I would like to upgrade the coil, as I have seen that a "flame thrower" coil would be a good upgrade. There's two options here, a 1.5 ohm and a 3.0 ohm coils. Which one should I get? Spark plug wires are new which I got from Datsun Spirit. Also what spark plug would you guys recommend? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks Dan!
  3. Looking for a clean center console for my 1973 Datsun 240z. I currently have three and neither fit the bill. Looking for one that has no cracks or missing/damaged areas. Thanks!
  4. My XXR 537 Wheels. 16" x 8" on all four corners. Tires are 225/55/R16 front and rear
  5. Jfa.series1 thanks for the help. I just wanted to confirm I was on the right track. I'll look for the red wire with the open female connector for the map light tomorrow. Thanks again for your help!
  6. ok after looking over all the wiring. It turns out that I have two blue wires with female connectors that are unplugged. One should be to the blower motor power source. The second one has me stumped, could it be to the radio? The radio harness has three wires which includes two speakers and a blue wire. There's a red with blue striped wired that is loose. Could the red with blue stripped wire go to the other blue female connector? This still leaves the question as to where does the map light connect too? Thanks, Dan
  7. After looking a this closer looks like the red (+) wire from the blower motor harness is blower motor power source. So where does this go? The only wire I have left over to hook this too s a blue wire (See photo attached)
  8. Hello, First I need some help figuring out where the map light is hooked up too. It looks to me as if the map light red (+) wire goes to the heater blower motor harness which has a red wire as well. Now there's a black (-) wire from the map light that I don't know where it connects too. Can anyone confirm where the black (-) wires goes? I see that the blower motor harness has a black wire with a ground hook but the wire from the map light has a male connector. Thanks, Dan
  9. looks like grannyknot is correct and the wires are in the harness itself and are not connectors like they are shown in the diagram. Thanks for all your help guys! I was worried that my harness was missing these connectors but that's not the case!
  10. Hello, I need to some help understanding/locating where these two backup light wires go. They are #39 & 40 on the diagram below. The description on the diagram states they are backup light wires but I don't see where they would be plugged into. #39 - Backup Lights (RB) #40 - Backup Lights (LR) Thanks, Dan
  11. I'm interested in MSA's Z Flare kit. Has anyone on here used this kit? I want the ZG flare look but don't want to cut up my perfect metal fenders.
  12. Zed Head, One of the members (bjhines) on here did specifically state that the electric pump was only used to prime the engine. "I have to chime in here on some misinformation on the operation of the ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP WIRING. The 1973 240Z uses ONLY THE MECHANICAL PUMP during normal operation. The electric fuel pump is for priming the system ONLY!!!!! It will not operate once the engine is running. None of this is detailed in the electrical diagrams. There are hundreds of things not shown in any of the wiring diagrams. There are a bank of relays on the passenger kick panel for the 1973 240Zs. There are 2 relays associated with the electric fuel pump. Relay 1) cuts the fuel pump OFF once the alternator produces 12v(engine running). Relay 2) cuts the fuel pump OFF when the starter is engaged(start pos on the key). The operation of the electric fuel pump is only to PRIME or REPRIME(vapor lock) the fuel system. It will operate when you turn the key to the RUN position. The relays cause it to shut off once the car is running or the starter is engaged. The electric fuel pump has a filter on the bottom that is often neglected. Check it or change it. There are many other components on the passenger kick panel that operate flashers, wiper delay, wiper auto run for the washer pump, EGR relay and temp switch, accessory relay, etc. The electrical diagrams only brush over the most basic systems in your car. There are hundreds of wires that are simply not shown in ANY of the available diagrams. This is especially true for the bastard 1973 model 240Zs." I should be able to confirm this once i'm finished with mine.
  13. Zed Head, Thanks for the info. I will followup when I've completed the V-3 modification on my car.
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