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  1. I had some family things going on that kept me from getting back to this right away, but I've tried soaking mine and I don't think mine actually come apart. The way they go together is quite different from yours in the pics above. Mine don't have a bolt through the center holding it together. I've added a few pics of mine. Do I have a different model of some type?
  2. That's awesome. I'm in Vegas for work this week, but will start soaking mine when I get back this weekend. thanks again!
  3. Thanks, Capt and motorman! That's really helpful info because the disk doesn't SEEM like it comes apart and I was afraid I would bend it by prying on it too much. I'll try soaking it.
  4. Sorry to seem so dense, but I just want to be sure I understand correctly. The disks themselves don't really come apart (into 2 pieces) right? Ive pried on them a little but they seem to be machine pressed together. So you're saying to just remove the rubber from the old diaphragm and try to get the disk into the center of the new diaphragm? The new diaphragm doesn't seem like it will flex enough to go over the disk without tearing?
  5. That's great info! I have the one on the left and I pried on it a little but couldn't determine if it came apart. I will pry a little harder. ? Thanks!
  6. Ive been reading this thread for several days and am amazed by all the knowledge! I'm restoring a 73 with flat tops (which BTW I didn't even know the right term for until about 3 weeks ago) and have had a difficult time finding rebuild kits. I found some from thezstore.com but they seem to have one of the key components missing. Don't I need the metal disc in the center of that diaphram? Is there some other source or solution? Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. I've started a rebuild on a 73 with flat tops. Can you recommend a good rebuild kit?
  8. I need some help identifying these carbs, and finding a good rebuild kit for them. They are on my 73 240, and they don't match any of the descriptions and pics I've seen. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the delay. I don't seem to get notifications from this site when there is a response. It looks like you live in Utah, and I'm in Virginia so I will need them shipped. I would like the rails as well. I'm new to this site so I don't know all the guidelines, but if we should take it to direct email for coordinating the payment and shipping details that is fine. My email is tlemaster1999@yahoo.com. Thanks
  10. They look better than the ones in the car I'm restoring. Id like to buy them.
  11. I'm restoring a 73 240 and interested to know how important it is to replace that lower control arm bushing? Or what's the best way to determine if it needs replacing? Thanks
  12. in what condition are the seats?
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