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  1. I enjoyed reading your "story" of how it all happened. My new copper rad ate a seagull last year at 100 mph. That was sad and messy, he went in right under where the front grill ends. I believe some aluminum rad cores are glued into the tanks, not sure though, maybe the same stuff ?
  2. My vote goes with incorrect firing order if wires were recently removed.
  3. I deleted this line and found the engine temperature got too hot until the thermostat finally opened. It ran fine after that but from fully cold I had the same issue every time until I cut the jiggle pin off the thermostat. This allowed some coolant flow past the thermostat so it could sense the temperature gradually as it warmed. Just my experience. The jiggle pin doesn't really allow any coolant flow past as the pressure in the block pushes it closed while running. Try it with the line capped off and if you notice any issues, clip the pin off and try that.
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