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  1. I am also going to go through the entire test cycle again in the EFI bible, keep you all posted.
  2. Ill give these all a go tonight! Thanks!
  3. Good to know. Where would I begin for gaining permission on this?
  4. Hey Everybody, A few months ago I acquired myself a rust bucket 76' 280z (mainly for parts and drivetrain) I want to get the engine running to confirm that it is worthy of holding onto. Somehow I cannot get the injectors to pulse. The car fires right up when hit with ether and will run as long as ether is supplied. BEFORE everyone goes ahead and says it I DO have the EFI BIBLE and have gone through it best of my ability to follow the testing suggestions. What I've done so far: Pulled all 6 injectors, tested that they open and produce fuel, not clogged. Have a NEW F
  5. Thanks for the info, maybe I'll send them a letter asking permission.
  6. If I wanted to make some Fairlady Z Vinyl decals for people's cars and sell them here and there, what is the legality of that? I see aftermarket memorabilia everywhere and it doesn't seem like it is produced by Nissan. Is this illegal or just a shade of grey?
  7. You are the man!! got the diagram and printed it at 70" with my large format printer!! Much appreciated.
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