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  1. Wow seems like a fast way of killing a post thanks. It's a low milage car I'm parting gauges and all. As I said I want a fair price, but if I say I want 500, all day long I get 'I'll give you 200' if I say 300 I'll get 150 offers, if I say make me an offer I never hear back....so like I said I'd like 800 who doesnt like money, but I'm open to fair offers since there's no like exact set price list for value. And yeah I have a Z car, just not your kind of z
  2. I'd like to get 800 for the 5 speed with all the related parts, but I'm open to reasonable offers. Not looking to get rich, just want a fair price. It doesn't seem like it needs a rebuild, but I havent taken it apart to guarantee
  3. No, sorry, I want to sell engine complete
  4. Parting out an 81 280z, complete engine, with wiring, turns over by hand, 5 speed(spins smoothly) with flywheel pedals dust cover and driveshaft, complete trim, misc interior parts and pieces. I'll post pictures asap. Feel free to message me with any questions
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