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R200 long nose gear supplier


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Hello Folks,

Long time listener first time caller. I have a 1978 280Z I bought from this site in 2014. I'm in the process of a complete rebuild. I have a stage 4 motor from Eiji at Datsun Spirit. I've also sourced a 83' ZX transmission and an MFactory LSD. I'd like to get my R200 long nose rebuilt with 3.90 gears. Does anyone have a source for that? I'm having a hard time sourcing ring and pinion.

A few photos.








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It would be easier and more effective probably to just buy a 3.9 R200 with good gears.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone talk about worn gears on their R200.

But here are the part numbers if you want to try to track new gears down.


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I'm saying just buy a complete used R200 with 3.9 gears.  Typically found in the 1980 -1983 280ZX 5 speed cars.  They're out there.  You could probably buy a complete junked 280ZX for less than the cost of new gears if you find them.  

Actually, I doubt that you'll be able to find gears for sale.  A used R200 is probably your only option.

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AFAIK, this is the only new option available and will kill your motorway peace and traffic light racing but a total hoot any other time. Oh and mega expensive!!


+1 on buying a 3.9 R200. Mine came from Arizona to the UK and before shipping it was on eBay for $200! I admit, that was 4 or 5 years ago.

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