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  1. im about 6'5" and yeah, as above no problems.. however, when you start getting in to aftermarket seats you will run in to some issues, mostly to do with the bulge just behind the drivers seat and the fact that the Z seats have been designed to fit around this bulge.. when you move to seats which dont have a gap to fit that bulge (almost all aftermarket seats) you wont be able to move the seat far back enough to sit comfortably or even at all. I ended up dismantling the seats and adding the aftermarket back to the Z base and having them retrimmed to match.. i've been very happy with the results but a bit of stuffing around none the less.. .. enough rambling.. yeah, you'll fit
  2. aRCH-Z

    Tan Interior

    i've got a tan interior but its more of a cream/beige tan then the one in that pic check my gallery if u want everything is tan except the dash pretty much.. there's a couple different shades of tan though, which annoys me immensely..
  3. haha, very very cool! I think there was a supra in the states which has a twin function nitrous setup that was pretty original. first stage uses nitrous to help it out while the single turbo spools, then once it's hit full boost the nitrous starts spraying on to the intercooler, snap chilling it. Not sure if it'd be possible to overcool the air, but interesting idea none the less.. as for response rb... hmm.. RB26DETT with 30 block and twin hks GT2530s? yes please sir with the extra displacement you could probably afford to go bigger then 2530s but considering how stupidly quick a vg30dett is with twin 2530s i'd imagine a 3.0 RB would be even more silly... aah *sighs*
  4. So you've had a dash cap installed and because of that you can't just pull it out from the front? That IS how you take it out, I've taken mine out several times that way.. But I think due to the shape of the cone you'd have a LOT of trouble getting it out through the back of the dash.. If it can be done at all..
  5. aRCH-Z


    good ole yahoo auctions I saw this on there as well.. very nice.. still wary about any engine I can't look at / touch in person before buying though.. See the nismo tuned RB26dett pushing 500hp? ouch!!
  6. aRCH-Z

    Aftermarket Seats

    viparz, if you want some pics of my SAAS seats installed, check out my gallery! Ran in to lots of problems because of being so tall! Ended up mounting the SAAS backs to the Z bases and getting them retrimmed to get them in the car and in a suitable location for myself.. If you want a better explanation feel free to PM me, but it's not the easiest process in the world.. Mind you, if you aren't as tall as me you'd prob be fine with a bolt in job!
  7. aRCH-Z

    240Z roadster

    geez, i dunno where to start! i really like it! didnt expect to for some reason but geez, its nice as!! if you were in melb i'd be interested in the flares, they look nice! not too over the top like some, ace work!
  8. aRCH-Z

    Social Poll...

    Toronto Canada to Melbourne Australia.. bit of a jump!
  9. aRCH-Z

    crashed z

    Geeez man! did this happen on the weekend?! not good at all sorry to hear you're ok yeah?
  10. Hey Cuong! for sure! Hopefully I can steal my old Z off my dad for awhile
  11. aRCH-Z

    Great way to start the day

    nice shot! car looks great! and it's always a great start to the day when you're in a Z
  12. thanks for the great comments guys! the rims are 6" wide on the front and 7" on the back.. front wheels have spacers on them. the tyres are 205x55x16 on the front and 225x50x16 on the back, the tyres are falken azenis semi-comps.. this is my second set of them and i absolutely love em!
  13. Hey Gav, yeah I actually just uploaded a bunch of new pics! Check out the second page of my gallery! They turned out really well!
  14. Hey Brett, yeah original rails but they've had new holes drilled in them to mount the seats a bit closer to the firewall.. The shoulder support sticks out a bit and is quite literally pressed up against the side of the car! I also had to bang in the wheel arch just a tiny bit so that the seats would sit nicely those are standard Z seat bases with SAAS backs attached to em.. they've been retrimmed to match and had new padding put in to give a bit more support.. I'm still considering getting a company here in melb called Auto Imaging to retrim them in tan and retrim some other parts in my interior
  15. hmm.. what about a combination of Z seats AND aftermarket seats? haha.. that's the route i had to go with my SAAS seats to get them to fit in comfortably (keeping in mind im 2 metres tall) gav, if u want good prices on SAAS seats i know people at autobarn ;-)
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