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  1. I have several box's of New & Used Parts for early Z cars, Biggest Item is Completely Re-furbished 240 Z Racket Pinion System, with New ends & All rubber sleeves, also many plastic labels like ( 240 Z label ) ect ect All brake new tubing for rear and all hoses for front & rear, just box's of 240 Z car items including Nut 7 Bolts. also have a Center Dash section with original hose work, Original 1971 240Z Grill in mint condition, just a lot of Miss parts and pieces for 240 model Z car. I would like to Sell Everything to ( 1 ) buyer for a great deal, just to Clean out all my Z car parts. I no longer am a Z car owner. After own 10 240 Z's my last one was lost in a Drunk Driver (woman) Crack head, that hit me head on while I was at a Stop Sign. I started collecting Mercedes and now own two. One is a C class and my baby is a SLK320 Hard top Convert. Never will be as Sweet as my Old 240's but I enjoy change. I can be reached by writing to zcarmann@ yahoo.com or you can call me at 352-228-9109, I am located in Florida and will ship, photo's of items available, but will take me time to lay it all out and take pictures. Call or write if interested in everything and I can maybe get a semi-list together for ya. Thanks Sonny Mann
  2. Looking for LH / driverside front Headlight case fiberglass or steel

  3. zcarmann

    Early 240z

    I drive my 73 240 daily and just bought a 72 240 to tinker on or resell at a later date in all this is the 10th z car all of them 78 and older all of them 2 seaters, lots of fun driving
  4. My 73 has a metal birdcage and its army green, had it out to clear leaves in the blower box. Thought the metal was too heavy but went back to metal as it was less work the inserts were missing from the plastic one, I still have plastic if any intrest out there.
  5. I have decided not to make the change as you end up with NO hatch area and I need someplace other then the front seat for my golf clubs and they fit great in the hatch as is. So she is headed for a 3 month visit to the body & paint shop for a face lift.
  6. All I have to do is turn the stero down and I can hear mine tic tic tic tic anytime
  7. CHECK THE RESISTOR thats one that will get ya often
  8. zcarmann

    Ugly misfire

    So ya got it fixed ????????? or what Like I said I replaced the Cam with a semi-race Cam by Crane, had an Inske in it but it was worn badly, guy before me must of kept tighting the rockers, he said they made too much noise, guess he didn't know much about Zs and or over head cams. It was worn a good 1/8 inch but still ran. Can even give you the shop who done the work for me in Naples Florida.
  9. zcarmann

    Ugly misfire

    Don't know if anyone else wrote this but anyway, Check out the Cam as I bought one where the lobs were worn badly and it also had a bad miss at certain RPM, put a new cam in her and still on the road today. Also had a bad Distrib. in my white one and had similar problem.
  10. zcarmann


    Have the same set on my 1973 240 Z I will try and leave a pic if not just look in my photo gallery zcarmann@yahoo.com well there my email http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/data/500/medium/4446ZreaRT.jpg Lets try that , been a member the past 7 plus years and still can't use it.
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