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  1. Now it sold for the asking price. You know what they say, if you love somthing set it free, if it doesnt come back hunt it down and shoot it.
  2. <P>No Mike i dont miss her as she is still in my garage waiting for the right person to give her a new home.</P>
  3. Yes after 22 years im selling my 1973 240 Zed. In 2000 I striped it back to a bare metal shell and started a 2 year rebuild, using many new and rebuilt parts. One of the states best panel tradesmen spent 350 hours on the body and paint; this is one of the straightest Zeds you will ever find. I then spent over 18 months developing and installing the engine, driveline, suspension and brake systems. The programmable engine management system which comes with a laptop computer, security device and manuals, makes this car behave and drive like any new car. At the last National Concourse in Phillip I
  4. Hi Tony All true, but id like to roll some cash over to the next project. Also with four cars in the garrage its a bit squezzy.
  5. Yes I heard that was the asking price, and I hope he got it. It was with no doubt the best ive seen. It’s always annoyed me that although we all hope the 240Z will one day bring a sale price equal to its real worth as the best and first classic Japanese sports car, its normally the zed guys that talk the price down.
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