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  1. I Believe you can use a radiator out of a holden statesman and it will fit quite well (tank ports are in the right place etc). Not sure which model statesman, will try and get further details and post them.
  2. About 12 months ago there was a small feature in a Zoom mag of a guys tubbed 240z drag car with a twin turbo VH motor in it. I think he was in Sydney. It was still in early stages but still looked great.
  3. Looking for an electric fuel pump in Oz. Did any of the later 260 or carbed 280's have an electric fuel pump? What about a new pump what pressure and flow rate should I get for a L28 With SU's? Any info would be appreciated. Gavin
  4. Try Wilkinsons Suspension. They do most of the autoX cars here in Perth and plenty of zeds. They have all the bushes, sway bars etc and will either fit or sell seperately. I talked to the Pedders guy in O'Connor and he didn't seem too interested, looked in his book and told me he could get a few bushes but that was it.
  5. Quick Question Would a RX7 fuel pump (which I assume runs at 6-8PSI) be enough for a tripple 40DCOE set up. Cheers Gavin
  6. Thanks for the help guys Apparently the rear callipers off a Aust Deleivered R30 skyline are the same as the 82-83 280zx. Will go check it at the wreckers on the weekend. Cheers Gavin
  7. What about Australian 1984 280zx models. Are they the same as the 82-83 model disc rear ends. I only ask as there is one wrecking locally and no 82-83 models are available. Gavin
  8. I have recently purchased a set of U.S spec maxima rear disc mounting brakets from my local nissan dealer. I am planning on putting discs on the rear of my 240. I have been told that I need to get the appropriate hardware of a 82 model 280zx. These seem to be very hard to find in my area. Does anyone know if I can use stuff off a 78-79 280zx? Cheers Gavin
  9. I know its probably off the track of this thread but I had an opertunity to pick up a turbo head and associated bits (turbo, manifold etc) off a 1984 skyline GT. Can those heads bolt onto a L24 block. Is most of the skyline and Pintara (spelling) driveline compatable with a L24-L28 Z Any thoughts would be appreciated
  10. Think there is a pin that needs to be punched out somewhere or a screw in the cam recess but it's probably best for someone with experience in these things to give advise. I still think there should be two springs, thats what my manual says ( can someone please advise). If I am meant to have only one spring then should I assume my dissy is probably O.K and look towards a fuel starvation problem ie: fuel pump. Hope this helps Biker
  11. Was going to go to the travel agents Clive but its a sunday and nothing is open. So stripped down the dizzy and the centrifugal weights looked fine, nicely oiled and moving freely. Only problem was that I only have one spring down there. (sure there is ment to two) Also the base plate assembly was not moving freely. Found that the three tiny ball bearings that the plate's rotate on are badly worn and the shim plates are also slightly damaged. Will see what parts i can get from the local nissan shop on monday and hopefully that will solve my problems. I'll still buy you a few coldies if your ev
  12. Had a chance to look at my distributor and found that it had next to no movement when I tried to rotate the rotor arm. Also tried the vacuum advance and could get no more than 2 mm of travel when sucking on the hose. The hole plate seem to be way to hard to rotate. Can this be easily fixed or can I get a 260z dissy or one from a 240K from an auto wrecker. will these fit?
  13. There was a small note in the Auto section of Saturdays West about a up comming 240/260 Z day in late August. Didn't have any information just a phone number of the organiser.
  14. Thought I had better start my 240 up after about 4 months of sitting still. Had a flat battery so while I charged it I went and got some new plugs, condensor, points, oil and oil filter. The car started fine, iddled as it should and revved freely up to 4,000 RPM. It all seemed fine until I got her out on the road and the car just died under load, could not get above 2,000 RMP. Went home and checked timing which was O.K and cleaned my S.U's and re-tuned them. Car still dies under load. Where do I look next. I gather its an electrical/spark problem. Do I need to get a new Coil? any advise woul
  15. Thanks Z Kid. looks like I will have to put my Olive Green dream aside. 1 Bravo 6 my computer is almost older than my zed. Looking through the gallery is very time consuming and therefore frustrating. Infact just browsing this web page at night takes me at least 4 hours. Originally I wanted a picture of the car on the home page because it has similar mags to my car and it would give me an idea of what mine may look like once white. Thanks again guys
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