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  1. kats

    Rust Proofing 240z Dealer Guide

    Blue , I really enjoyed seeing this manual , this is telling exactly the locations where the rust spots can be seen most of cars , including my Zs . I am now wondering did we have similar treatment at the Nissan dealers back in 70s in Japan ? Kats
  2. Hi Chris , thank you for the pictures, Her Majesty brings her tools , could the tools be later production than they should be ? Also nice to see the red handle has some unique variations, interesting !! Kats
  3. Thank you , the book is very interesting and full of useful information. Just great ! Kats
  4. In this book , January 1955 , Datsun 110 went on sale . And B10 , Datsun Sunny was released in April 1966 . Kats
  5. Hi 240 in OZ , thank you so much giving wonderful information, your input backs up our decoding method. I was thinking about other Nissan cars , they might have the same coded Jack and tool , and now it looks like true . Your 1969 B10 has Jan 18th 1969 Jack , Bingo ! I don’t know why O means 1969 . In this method A means 1954 . We need to see older cars have this coding . Long journey. Kats
  6. Congratulations Terrapin Z !! The jack had been waiting long enough until you found it , what a miracle. Yes I see P F Y , that suites your car perfectly. Thanks for sharing this story. Kats
  7. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks Chris , Gavin ! I hope the work will be easy . Also I am praying the head pass the leak test .The S20 is sometimes notorious for crack around valve sheet ring. This one is not the auction one , but the seller is the same person from the auction one . Kats
  8. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi , I picked up my spare S20 , I am so happy that now I can see it closely and I can list up what else I need for this engine . I see the head needs some fundamental work such as valve guide replacement, sheet ring replacement. And , the biggest problem is , No. 1 and No.5 Spark plug hole is something weired, someone drilled the sparg plug ,then plug’s metal is remaining in the hole’s groove. This makes me nervous, I have to find an engineer who can remove it and clean the hole . I don’t want a re-coil method if I can avoid. Other than that , parts are all in good shape , I don’t think I need to put my NOS parts into this engine.I will use this original component as much as possible. I will show you rest of parts when I am home . Kats
  9. Comparison back of the solid emblem family. Kats
  10. Hi Blue , thanks for the picture and your statement is very interesting, we need to discover it . Today I would like to show you this , A Fairlady-Z ‘s solid metal quarter emblem , an ultra early emblem . I have got this recently, and this is Right side quarter emblem as you can see “R “ on it . Attached pictures show the difference between hollowed metal emblem and solid metal emblem. I found the solid emblem is a little bit thicker than hollowed emblem. And it is so heavy to compare the hollowed emblem. I am impressed with this solid emblem is so clean and shiny, almost identical to the hollowed ones which are literally New In Box . I asked the seller if he has a solid Left quarter emblem, but he did not . As we already know , nearly 1000 Japanese Zs ( L20 and S20 models ) were produced by the end of Dec 1969 . This quantity is almost double of export S30s ( L24 model ) , but I cannot be optimistic, it is so hard to see the early production Fairlady Zs nowadays. Kats
  11. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    You see the single defroster line “ dead “ . Kats
  12. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks Gavin , it could be AU market car . Does AU market car have a set of “ lowered coil springs “ like Euro cars ? The car looks slightly lowered at front , the gap between the tire and the fender .Optional item chosen ? This morning I took my 240ZG as a commuter to an airport. In a cold rain dawn , but comfortable cabin . Kats
  13. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Gavin , I still don’t get what they are joking about, let me review it again. Today I have a question, what country was this red car be exported? The red must be #110 , RHD 260Z , And interesting turn signals and , it even got the fuel filler door knob !! This crisp and clean exterior make this car looked so beautiful , I wish we could’ve have this car in Japan . No exterior mirror , front grill, bumper over riders are my favorite features . Kats
  14. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Thanks Gavin , I did not know there are some venders out side of Japan . Even they includes the eight shape gasket ! No need to ask Steve . And thank you for sharing pictures of your jewels , you did it your own , having fun and saving a lot of money . Here is a genuine Mikuni gasket kit just for your reference. Kats
  15. kats

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    By the way , the left choke disc is an early type , the right one is later type . My spare set of Mikuni 40 PHH is an early type which has straight-head screw for securing top cover . They must have an early type choke disc but , later type is on . Today Mr. Shimoura ( Hakosuka GTR And ZG owner ) gave me an old picture attached on a wooden frame , he told me the engine is for KPGC 110 ( Ken & Merry GTR ) because the oil cap is a black plastic , and the carburetors has Philip head screws for a top cover .And the choke disc is a later type . Kats

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