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  1. ok what are the main things that need to be hooked up? I was thinking the same thing beandip thanks for the confermation. Maybe i took something off that needs to be there does anyone know? I think i experinced my first anyourism because this car is making me:sick:
  2. OK I got it to finaly idel but it is still way to high and it does not want to seem to kick down even when i stab the throtle the only way it drops is if i putthe car in gear and hold the clutch (just before the tires want to move) i have even messed with the idel screw on the Carb itself and nothing.one more thing it starts to backfire through the carbs every so offten and some times it doesn't want to fire other times it fires on the first try.when it backfires through the carbs gas pops out. Does anybody have a clue on what to do if so thanks.
  3. ok (engine F54) (Carbs Webber Red Line DGV5)(timing is set at the spec from the manual) the only thing different is i did not hoke up the smog stuff could this afect it any?
  4. ok Finally got the new motor to start now the problem is that after it starts it wont idel it revs high and then starts to die give a little gas (not much) and up goes the RPM's real high.(not good) and then gas pops through the carbs(down drafts:sick: ) then it just slowly dies out does anybody know what can be causing this thanks for your time Zclub
  5. Znut73


    Very nice&clean
  6. Znut73

    Fat rear

    so how did you get those shotgun tail lights?
  7. WoW that sucks so basickly through all that propaganda we classic Z owners will have to start smoging are cars in Cali. IMO that really sucks i wish they would make up there minds.Just MO though:angry:
  8. yes the removel of smog would be fo performance i have the weber carbs they were already on the car when i bought it i was recently at the speed shop and was told that the removel of the smog on the motor would be a great help in performance it is a 73 head (E88) if that helps was i told wrong at the speed shop would leaving the smog on be the best? let me know (and i think it does look a little cleaner with out all that stuff on there)
  9. wondering what all i can take off dont realy know where all the smog stuf is i have an E88 head and it looks like there is alot of smog on it does anyone know what can be pulled off and where it all would be located thanks for the help
  10. Thanks Jeff by the way do you still have that header?
  11. Thanks 2many anothe question do you have to buy new ones or can you clean the old ones with a die and install
  12. would you have to purchace anything else with this cam swap?and what would be the shipping to 95939 CA.
  13. got a new block(F54) my question is can i use L24headbolts on the 82L28 or do i need to purchace difrent ones for that year and are the torking specs diferent if so does anybody know them. Thanks
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