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are headbolts interchangable?


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The bolts are all the same in the L series and the torque specs are the same for all non-turbo engines. The Turbos' had a different head bolt which could be torqued about 10% more than stock, and you can use these in any of the L series engines as well. They are about 60 bucks for a set if you wanted them.

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Clean them with a wire brush by hand, or on a drill or bench grinder, whichever you have. When you are ready to install them, put a little engine oil on the threads before you put them in the block to keep the bolts from seizing, but the biggest advantage you will get is a more accurate torque setting with them if they are lubricated.

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2ManyZs - Shouldn't a high tempature antiseize be used?

I would think that a little oil would burn in there, and if removed again later, would make them all look like the ones that come out next to an exhaust port.......no??

- Jeff

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You can use high-heat anti-sieze..

But, there are engine builders who will swear that anti-sieze will do the same thing and others that will tell you that the anti-sieze is not good when used on an engine where you have steel, cast iron, aluminum in contact with one another as well...:ermm:

The best thing I can say is use a little anti-sieze on the threads only, and use a little oil under the head of the bolt for lubrication when it comes in contact with the head, so you get a true torque reading. I'd prefer not having any anti-sieze not getting into the oil if at all possible.

Guess it all boils down to personal preferrence.

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