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  1. Rebello recommended the 280zx dizzy with the matchbox IC. He said he liked that unit more than the aftermarket distributors. I installed one on my Rebello 3.0 and it made a massive difference over my worn out 260z electronic distributor.
  2. Is this car running other than the tach?
  3. Kurbycar32

    Hungary for Orange

    Funny you said that.. A friend of mine works for a huge picture printing place and we ordered a set of posters as soon as we saw this awesome picture. The resolution was a bit low but i have a few on order in 20x30, 16x20 and 11x14. Hopefully the larger ones come out nice.
  4. My early 260z had a fuel pump installed in the exact same location and it was powered by a wire run around the front of the vehicle and tapped off of the resistor next to the coil. My car had 2 fuel pumps that looked like this one, one at the tank and another in the engine bay: I bought a new carter fuel pump and placed it by the tank in the rear at the stock location. After messing with the electrical to power the pump on ignition on (instead of a few hundred RPM) I was able to keep the single, silent, cheap fuel pump and discard both giant loud ugly pumps.
  5. Correct. I supplied the pulley with my core motor. Frankly I thought it was just a pulley and not a harmonic damper, otherwise I would have taken care of it during the motor build
  6. Both cars have AC in their future so im going to need that second row. Ill send the split one out for repair, thanks for the tip
  7. Mike I had an issue attaching pictures. The pic was just under 1000k and i received a generic error that says "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200". I assumed the file was too big so i resized it and that resolved the problem. I expected some sort of auto resizing tool to kick in or at least a more helpful error. I got the same error on android and my desktop, both running chrome.
  8. I just got out of the garage, everything is fixed and the car is running. First the fan was an important clue but the problem was actually with the crank pulley. It looks like the pulley separated into two pieces and the round part of the pulley was sort of spinning with the rest of the pulley most of the time. When the broken pulley got out of alignment it would smack around against the other side of the pulley and the timing cover, creating the sound at random intervals. I pulled the pulley off of my other Z and the problem is resolved. The first photo is what it looked like on the car, you can barely tell its broken. The second photo is what it looked like after it was pulled, two totally separate pieces
  9. I turned the engine off as soon as i heard the sound. The sound is awfully metallic sounding
  10. Yes the oil pressure is excellent immediately after the motor starts up and doesn't fluctuate
  11. Some of you may remember that I bought a hot Rebello motor for my early 260z and when I first started it there was a clunking sound. Luckily that problem ended up being a clutch slave cylinder bolt that was too long and it was resolved pretty easily. Since then I put about 200 miles on the new motor and its been reliable. Yesterday I went to my garage to start the car for work and after running for about a minute there was a horrific clunking sound so I shut it down immediately and took the truck to work. Its been cold (for the middle of California) in the low 30's (about 0 Celsius) but in the garage I estimate the temp to be in the mid 40's. After work I took out all of the spark plugs and rotated the motor by hand to see if i could feel/hear any interference and the motor spun nicely. With the spark plugs still removed I cranked the motor with the starter and still everything ran smooth. After consulting with the elders I put new plugs in the car and attempted to start it again, this time on video. As you can see the car starts and runs for about 30 seconds at about 1100 RPM before the noise kicks in. What should I be looking for?
  12. i just found that the Z store has these clips now, and they are identical to the ones used on my early 1974 260Z: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic01e/16-9703 Heater Cable Clamp, 7/72-73 240Z Code: 16-9703 Price:$1.83
  13. I'm a professional systems admin working in a 30,000+ node network; part of my job function is managing backup and DR. Send me a PM with some specific questions and ill do my best to help you out
  14. Some of his equipment is pricey if its rare. Hes a super nice guy too, I wouldn't hesitate to try and make a deal.
  15. You are in Washington, Oliver at Z specialties probably has a pile of them. If you get desperate I have a spare in the garage I plan on getting rid of but shipping is probably an arm and a leg. http://www.zspecialties.com/
  16. Throw a garage party. Thats how i do it. Half of your friends that arent even car people will come hang out and drink beer in your garage, even if it means pulling a motor or sanding something
  17. Yup i got a set from either MSA or BD recently. I also order a set of shifter bushings and i think they may be the same size. I lubed mine with a heavy bearing grease and its got a great feel now vs wasted bushings and whatever sand like substance used to be in its place.
  18. i have a used 225mm flywheel lying around here. i ordered it for my car when the seller listed it as a 240mm unit and got stuck with it because shipping was more expensive than the part. you referenced part numbers and i think you may have been implying the lightweight "frisbee" maxima flywheels, i was completely unable to find one this last summer. Also beware that there are some part numbers floating around for a fidanza steel wheel, these are totally off the market and NLA. I ended up with a 240mm fidanza aluminium unit
  19. Unless using a new flywheel i always drop mine off at a machine shop for resurfacing. The last time i did one it cost about 40 bucks, that's not worth my time to mess with trying to do it myself with sandpaper.
  20. The auto darkening hood is worth its weight in gold, and its like 40 bucks at the old harbor freight. I used a Miller MIG welder and CO2 to make some terrible welds on my car but i had the luxury of borrowing it from a friend
  21. How was the fit for your guys? No joke my system was so long the muffler wouldnt clear the rear body of the car until i trimmed a few inches off the pipe and re-flared the muffler slip on area. Even now its probably an inch or two too long but i convinced it to go in. I also have the MSA header so the extra length might be in that, but the complete kit didn't work for me.
  22. I noticed a huge difference from my old broken electric fuel pump . This one is also silent and I'm not running a mechanical pump. Dave did say triples would be more power but that the modified SU's would do pretty well and are easier to tune
  23. Nothing that great yet in terms of a video. Ill probably do an inside the car video soon with my new go-pro. Again at high RPM it sounds good, but the drone at regular city traffic speeds is terrible.
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