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    Just picked up my first Z Car. A 1975 280z. Seems to be in very good condition! Floor boards arent rusted through, frame rails are pretty straight, only a couple dents, pretty much in tact, no major parts missing(except front bumper which was gonna get pitched anyways), and only a few bucks away from running! I was searching for a 240z, but this actually works out better for what im going to do. Eventually this will be a V8 Z, so i already have the rear end i need, and from what i hear they made the unibody a little tougher in the 280, so that cant be a bad thing for housing a torquey V8.
  1. Scaotty

    78 280z

    1978 Datsun 280z. Great classic car. Runs beautiful. Comes with new water pump, new heater core, belts, alternator, battery, all new hoses, brake system, tires & rims. Complete new exhaust system. New dash cover, seats, carpet, headliner & console. New reflectors, emblems, and brighter lights. New transmission & clutch in June with an 18month warranty. New U-joints, new wiring, alarm system, doors & locks. New Bluetooth stereo system. Recent tune-up with new spark plugs & rotary cap. $15,500 obo call Michael 541-990-7828.
  2. I'm about to order the hard lines for my 75. Classic Tube's site only lists a 77 under 280z, but it appears the two years are very similar, if not exactly the same. Am I correct on that?
  3. A friend of mine and I restored it. He builds and customizes dashes for a living. He does fantastic work as you can see. Im not sure of all the materials he used, but I know we used SEM texture paint. If anyone is interested in having theirs done, I can guarantee his price would be much more fair than most dash restoration places. Here is the final result.
  4. Looks pretty good. Here's how mine turned out... Before & After The after picture is with texture coating only. After the picture I followed it up with SEM Landau black.
  5. Im stripping the doors and taking them off the car for eventual body work and paint. I plan on putting them back on after paint. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.
  6. I've been looking at how to remove the aluminum trim on the doors that go around the windows when they roll up. After briefly inspecting I did not see an easy way to remove them. So I thought I would come on here and see if its worth it, or should I just leave them on. Any advice would be very appreciated.
  7. This is out of my 75 280z. Before cleaning it up, I noticed it appears as if one side is upside down from the other. Is this correct? Everything was completely stock on this car when I bought it, and as I removed the entire rear sub-frame, it appeared as if it had never been removed before. Plus the car didn't sit funny. So my guess would be it is correct, but I'd like a more educated guess. Thanks guys. Scotty
  8. Im re-assembling my front suspension, and replacing the old rubber bushings with the urethane kit from MSA. The bushings that go with the tension rods, seem to be too thick. By the time the rod goes through the hole in the frame with a bushing, and stock washer on each side, there isnt any room for the washer to start threading. There is an indentation in the middle of the bushing that i thought could be a spot to cut it in half. Good or bad idea? Has anyone run into this issue? Thanks guys.
  9. Im actually in the process now, of repairing the dash. Im following all the steps of another thread on here (cant recall who posted it). Involving Great Stuff, SEM Bumper Repair, SEM Texture paint, and SEM Landau Black. Ill post pics as soon as im done, if it turns out good. Otherwise, ill have a nice repaired semi-straight dash to throw a cap on.
  10. So im in the process of removing my dash. I researched this, printed out the step by step procedure, and have about everything completed except unplugging the speedometer cable. Ive searched threads and it sounds easy enough, if you have a 240z. My car is a 75 280z with factory AC(which is also coming out). Is the cable harder to access in the 280z's? Ive located the cable, and followed it up a little ways with my hand, but i dont feel and type of plug. Please help..
  11. Alright, ive done all the researching that i know how to do and came up with nothing. So Iam going to ask. Where are the best spots to lift from on, a stock L28 out of a 75 280z? Ive removed small blocks before, and theyre extremely easy. And im sure eventually i would find some good spots, but i thought i would get the experts opinions first. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.
  12. Love the wheels on your car. Are those the Rota RB's? If so, what size and offset?

  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I know the pic is tiny. Unfortunately it was something i found online set to that size. If blown up, it distorts, which does no good either. Thanks again though, ill check out Panasport
  14. Anyone know what wheels these are?
  15. Salem here! building a 75 280z as we speak.
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