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  1. rpmszcar

    doing a bumper swap

    i just bought a 240 bumper for my 77 280 any tricks to make this swap easier?
  2. rpmszcar

    soon to be a 240 clone

    got a 240 back bumper last night looking to see what it will take to mount on my 77. found a front bumper today what do you think its worth?
  3. damn looks like I get to do my first clutch. could use any info to keep it as painless as possable
  4. yes I did replace the slave, sorry forgot to say so
  5. well the pedal feels okay. I was driving it and every thing was okay then I tried to shift and the only way was with the rpms. at first I thought when I replaced the master maybe I forgot the lock nut. that was all good. I bled the system thinking maybe? when you start the car you can't get into any gear. if you start the car in gear it takes right off no slipping. any thoughts?
  6. I will be a bit nicer this time around. Well I missed Canby again this year I was painting the Z and was so close. What I wanted to know can anyone give me any tips on changing a clutch on a 1977z never done one and mine went out I hope to fix it this weekend with any luck
  7. rpmszcar

    77 280z having wheel hop at take off

    Well I have a guy I work with is giving me a 5 speed in a day or two.Man its killing me not driving it. My trucks a slug.
  8. rpmszcar

    77 280z having wheel hop at take off

    just feels like it , haven't seen it
  9. rpmszcar

    77 280z having wheel hop at take off

    its got new struts
  10. rpmszcar

    77 280z having wheel hop at take off

    Michelin 195 70 14
  11. It didn't be so bad at first but now i have to lite them up at take off. thought maybe bad springs with the clutch? just put new u-joints for the halfshafts. the clutch has maybe 8000 since replaced. im hoping someone can point me in the right way?
  12. any gasket better than another?
  13. rpmszcar

    overheating blows

    blown headgasket 1977 280z had it all rebuilt 1500miles ago never seem to get hot by what the dash said. bums me out. I drive it everyday since getting it running. now I have to wait,

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