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    Rod bolts

    I have a 1973 240 and am rebuilding the engine. When I measured the rod bolt threads to determine whether I have 8 or 9 mm bolts, I came up with 8mm. From what I read the 1973 is supposed to have the 9mm bolts(I think). Any ideas as to what happened and should I torque these to the lower value as specified for the 8mm bolts. Are the threads where I am supposed to measure? Thanks, Vic.
  2. tanny

    Drain hole plugs

    You've milked this enough.
  3. I was wondering if there would be any advantage/disadvantage to sealing the drain holes in the floor pan with fiberglass instead of putting the plugs back in? What function do these plugs serve anyway? They obviously are not ever used for drains unless you make an aquarium out of your floor pans. Thanks. ps. Where would be the most reasonable(least expensive) place to buy POR-15?
  4. Thanks alot smg1404, That's an excellent and relatively simple way to do it. I was thinking I would have to put on a much more complicated linkage setup(as usual, my pea brain is always trying to find a way to over-engineer it). A picture of the linkage would be great. Thanks for simplifying this for me. tanny@frontier.net: :stupid:
  5. Thanks for the response. Maybe it will work without the choke, but we do get some pretty cold days here in Colorado, so I think I'll try to make the choke workable. What I really wanted to know is if there is a linkage kit or parts sold somewhere that I could use to connect all three carburetor starting devices together so that I can then hook up the choke cable to one end. The carbs have no choke linkage at present. I know I'll probably have to fabricate something myself, but was hoping someone had some magic to make it easier.
  6. The 1973 240 I bought has triple webers but their chokes(starter devices) are not hooked up. Does anyone have any advice on how to fabricate some linkage for these? I live in a fairly cool climate, so I assume I will need a functional choke. Am rebuilding the engine, so I haven't started the engine yet to see how these carbs perform. Thanks. ps. I don't know how I put this question under k2chronics name. Somehow I must have been logged in under his name. Whatever I did, it was accidental. Sorry.
  7. tanny

    All silver

    is that rear end custom? if so, what kind of kit is it?
  8. The previous owner of my 73 240 installed a differential from a 510, but doesn't remember what ratio it was. Can you determine the ratio from the folowing numbers? The numbers on the bottom of the casing are: 213 72 5 T 41 At least he saved the original differential. What would be the ratio on the original(I don't know if it was stock either, because there was another previous owner). The casing numbers are as follows: Top- 209 T24 Bottom- 38311 E4600 209 Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Vic. tanny@frontier.net ps. The 240 tranny is 4 speed manual. Don't know what tranny the 510 had.
  9. My 1973 z doesn't have dust boots on the cartridges. Are they necessary? Also, the previous owner lowered the car and I noticed excessive wear on the inside of both front tires. Will a set of bump steer spacers help this situation? Thanks, Vic. tanny@frontier.net
  10. Has anyone seen the dealer installed hood vent that was used for overheating problems? I was wondering if anyone has one or knows where to get an identical aftermarket one. Since I haven't seen one or heard anyone talk about it, there must not have been many installed. Thanks, Vic.
  11. I have a 1973 240z and have an original steering wheel that has no horn pad and no horn ring(metal ring that touches the copper contactunder the wheel center). Essentially, all I have is the steering wheel shell with none of the other parts. Does anyone have these parts that I will need to mount the steering wheel and make the horn functional? Thanks. tanny@frontier.net
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations for a competent machine shop in Colorado or Albuquerque NM areas? I live in SW Colorado(Durango), so the closer the better. Thanks.
  13. I can't find my previous thread so I'll ask question again. My 1973 240z was stored for 20 years and the rubber on all grease boots has turned to tar. Where can I find replacements?
  14. Are all four coil springs interchangable between a 73 240z and a 77 280z? If not, any suggestions where to get stock springs for a 73 240z reasonably? My 73 was lowered and I want to get it back to stock height.
  15. I have a 73 240z that has been stored for 20 years. Is there a way to get oil to the bearings and valve train before I attempt to turn the engine over, or is the only solution taking the head and oil pan off and checking everything out first hand. I was hoping to at least start the engine(was running well before storage) to determine if there was valve or oil burning problems. Thanks.
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