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  1. Harbour frieght do a great `tumbler` for nuts and bolts, it needs to work for about 24 hrs but does a great job, Alluminium parts are best cleaned in boiling, or as hot as you can get`Antifreeze` Yes! and it brings them up like new.
  2. How hot did this motor get before you noticed it needed a new rad! and what damage was done?
  3. Cannon inlet manifold to suit tripple 40/45 Webers $180
  4. Weber 40 DCOE carbs with Cannon manifold and linkage, asking $650 contact for more details
  5. Have a T5 box out of a 280ZX with bellhousing. I want $200+shipping Clive My Zip is 34990
  6. T5 box from 280ZX with bell housing,will fit 240,260 or 280z $250+shipping
  7. Wanted any old weber dcoe side draft carbs,any condition considerd
  8. All thats left of 76 280Z, Gas tank(no rust whatsoever), Dash pack cracked vinel top,all glass,seats pass side good ,drivers worn $100+ shipping for tank
  9. Got to stop em bendin! This is a realy good job, Just dont chrome It!
  10. OK I give in! I cannot seem to sell my bodyshell, It is in very good shape and all panels are dent free, I need the space so I am giving it away!!!! otherwise it goes to the great Z master in the sky! You have to pick up West palm beach FL
  11. Brand new Panasport 7" 15" with Goodrich TA Tyres, 235 60 rears ,205 15 fronts ( minilite lookalikes) all have never turned a wheel! cost $1600 want $1000,also 45 DCOE weber carbs still in boxes (3),40 DCOE Weber carbs (used ) with inlet manifold $650 At the moment I still have Gas tank,T5 G/box , Fuel cell also new and unused, and Bodyshell
  12. Selling whats left of 78 280z 95% rust free, all panels. very small rust in floor and rear panel, non at all in engine bay or inner wings. offers!
  13. Yes headers make a world of difference but only if used with head mods and carbs as a breathing package, Best to go with 6-2-1 as opposed to 6-1 which is only good for top end power, the 6-2-1 will give you much better torque
  14. gas tank, all windows, hood ,trim(brown!) seats ,dash(cracked) Florida car,
  15. OK If you have found the advance weights to be free then you should start looking some place else, I assume you have checked obvious things like the choke butterflys are not jammed up and that the pistons in the SUs are both free and feel equal, I doubt if it is the fuel pump but nevertheless pull the pipe off the carb and aim it into a container and crank the motor, With problems like this it is very dificult to diagnose a fault If you do not have hands on, A Z car is not rocket science so a good local garage should be able to help you, It may be a Idea to change the condenser but there again if the car was running good 4 months ago then I doubt if this is the problem, My money is still on the dist. and If i remember the cam is removed by way of a screw located beneath the rotor arm. I am In England for the next 3 weeks so let me know what the problem turns out to be!
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