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  1. To me the greatist thing in your restoration is that you kept your Z:s outer appearense original. And I like the colour, too.
  2. My English teacher is from Birmingham. He married a Finnish girl about 15 years ago...
  3. Tail lights are European style, rear side marker lights are missing - front are yellow. Bumper guards, radio and emission "things" from the engine are missing, too. But there is 5-speed transmission, rear sway bar, splash guard and feet rest...
  4. That is my car! My car was brought to Finland in July 1972 and it's so called "Original Finnish Car" and differs a little of those in USA.
  5. Your prices are low! I paid 480 euros (about 690 USD) to recrome my Z:s rear. Might be cheaper in neighbouring countries like Russia and Estonia... (front needs to be recromed)
  6. I'm surprised, too. That few 240Z Datsuns in Britain! In my tiny country there is about the same amount of S30Z's - but Finland has a tradition to be a Datsun's testing market in Europe even from early 60's.
  7. Terve!

    Vähän hankalaa pistää privaa tällä palstalla - toivottavasti sait vastausviestini.

  8. In Finlands west coast -0,5 Celsius...no snow... No polarbears and no iglus... Z runs fine... Independance day tomorrow...
  9. So - only 10. was she... http://www.iltasanomat.fi/autot/1726507
  10. Nice to see those FinnJAE photos here - I didn't find them on Finnish pages. Thank you!
  11. Where in Ireland do you live? Had once a backpack tour around Ireland with my wife. Do you have many 240Z-280Z:s in there?
  12. Zenioric

    240z in Europe

    ...that I sent the same message twice. OT. You surely know the beach?
  13. Zenioric

    240z in Europe

    It is! And I had my best bacheloryears tans in Sharlottelund? camping in Kopenhagen...
  14. Just use "normal" petrol - in Finland - in my 240Z it´s 95E. From Z-Datsun to more modern car - the same.
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