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  1. I'm looking 2 run either 15 x 9.5 (Front) 15 x 10.5 (Rear) or 16 x 9.5 (Front) 16 x 10.5 (Rear) but I'm trying 2 figure out the right offset (F) & ®? and yes I'm running ZG flares. From the research I have been doing it looks like a 9.5" wheel needs a -19mm and a 10.5" wheel needs a -25mm. Also if I were 2 run a 9.5 -19mm all the way around would the wheels stick out the same (F) & ®? thanks, Colby
  2. The thurmostat housing has a coolant hose connection comming out of it and from my research it seems that was orignaly connected to the intake manafold? Sence i'm running a tripple weber carb's and a cannon intake manafold what should I do with that coolant outlet on the thurmostat housing? Thanks, Colby
  3. Is there any place where i can get a 5/16 inlet & outlet for my mechanical fuel pump instead of the 1/4 that comes with it stock?
  4. is there any place where i can get a 5/16 inlet & outlet for my mechanical fuel pump instead of the 1/4 that comes with it stock?
  5. :sick: every time i try to post something on this site it redirects my and i loose all my data... eff
  6. When I bought my z it was pretty much naked the motor & trans were out the interior was in box's and everything under the hood was disconnected or missing. so im just trying 2 do my home work & get everything where it goes. so thats why i was asking about the relay swich and how 2 hook up the battery cables and the starter, but this is a good start thank you for the fuel info. Any other info would be appreciated. Colby
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    From the album: just starting

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    From the album: just starting

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    From the album: just starting

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    From the album: just starting

  11. please help me figure out hot to hook these up correctly. I plan on just running the supply fuel line, and no return line but i am unsure which is which? fuel line sup? fuel line ret? misc fuel line? brake booster hose? battery neg/pos hookup to starter? breathers?
  12. anyone selling a 240z front fenders in the seattle tacoma area???
  13. where are the best places to get my hands on watanabe wheels; 16x8.5 - 16x9.5 I just started looking online 2day & I can't raed Japanese so I haven't found any useful info so far????? Thanks, Colby
  14. I'm looking for konig or panasports for my zg flared 240, 15x8.5 front & 15x9.5 in the rear or 16's even better on a set of 50 series tires would look killer, does anyone know a good place to start?
  15. The triple webers are ready to go on now its time to get a fuel supply the stock pump is out of the picture, what other options are there keeping in mind I don't want to have a loud fuel pump. A rx7 pump what year, an msd, mallory, holley?????????
  16. ebc greens where can i pick up a pair,& a rear disc set up is in the works
  17. OK mr e_racer1999 Biafra for President I did my research & found out I could use 300zx rotors or 89-91 toyota 4runner rotors with the 4x4 calipers (neet) so what do you recomend? thanks, Colby
  18. ok how about this how well do thoes autozone calipers hold up have you herd of anyone having problems with them?
  19. I'm getting my toyota 4x4 calipers this week but before I put them on I gotta get new rotors will the "original size" rotors work with the toyota 4x4 calipers?
  20. thoes calipers bolt right up right? to the stock size rotor 73z
  21. I'm replacing all oil pan bolts on my 240z, are the bolts different length or are they the same length
  22. I plan on putting in a point-less distributer does this require the peice that connects the distributer to the oil pump to be replaced too, if so am I able to replace this peice later without pulling off the timing cover? & when I put the timing chain cover on how do I get the seal over the crank shaft gear?
  23. I just got my tripple weber carbs on a cannon manafold sweeeet right, only it weighs a lot 25 or so lbs, I dont want to break my manafold studs is there a bracket or a brace to help support the extra weight. If not is there anyone that has made one? thanks
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