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  1. I'm looking 2 run either 15 x 9.5 (Front) 15 x 10.5 (Rear) or 16 x 9.5 (Front) 16 x 10.5 (Rear) but I'm trying 2 figure out the right offset (F) & ®? and yes I'm running ZG flares. From the research I have been doing it looks like a 9.5" wheel needs a -19mm and a 10.5" wheel needs a -25mm. Also if I were 2 run a 9.5 -19mm all the way around would the wheels stick out the same (F) & ®? thanks, Colby
  2. The thurmostat housing has a coolant hose connection comming out of it and from my research it seems that was orignaly connected to the intake manafold? Sence i'm running a tripple weber carb's and a cannon intake manafold what should I do with that coolant outlet on the thurmostat housing? Thanks, Colby
  3. -speed240z

    fuel pump

    Is there any place where i can get a 5/16 inlet & outlet for my mechanical fuel pump instead of the 1/4 that comes with it stock?
  4. is there any place where i can get a 5/16 inlet & outlet for my mechanical fuel pump instead of the 1/4 that comes with it stock?
  5. :sick: every time i try to post something on this site it redirects my and i loose all my data... eff
  6. When I bought my z it was pretty much naked the motor & trans were out the interior was in box's and everything under the hood was disconnected or missing. so im just trying 2 do my home work & get everything where it goes. so thats why i was asking about the relay swich and how 2 hook up the battery cables and the starter, but this is a good start thank you for the fuel info. Any other info would be appreciated. Colby
  7. please help me figure out hot to hook these up correctly. I plan on just running the supply fuel line, and no return line but i am unsure which is which? fuel line sup? fuel line ret? misc fuel line? brake booster hose? battery neg/pos hookup to starter? breathers?
  8. anyone selling a 240z front fenders in the seattle tacoma area???
  9. where are the best places to get my hands on watanabe wheels; 16x8.5 - 16x9.5 I just started looking online 2day & I can't raed Japanese so I haven't found any useful info so far????? Thanks, Colby
  10. I'm looking for konig or panasports for my zg flared 240, 15x8.5 front & 15x9.5 in the rear or 16's even better on a set of 50 series tires would look killer, does anyone know a good place to start?
  11. The triple webers are ready to go on now its time to get a fuel supply the stock pump is out of the picture, what other options are there keeping in mind I don't want to have a loud fuel pump. A rx7 pump what year, an msd, mallory, holley?????????