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My C210 (MGC210 008198) Skyline sedan

240k Style

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Ok so I thought it was time I started a thread of my car. Firstly, the background.

I was looking around for a C110 and had been previously burned using that well known auction style selling mechanism (you know!) and was becoming frustrated with the way prices were climbing for absolute buckets of s%^t.

Anyways, I was driving my local streets and saw a car up in a driveway but didn't think much of it. My brother in law then called me a few days later about how my search was going (he's a toyota bloke, he can be forgiven that sometimes...) and asked had I seen the datsun around the corner from his place.

After some back and forth I realised we were talking about the same car. So I went back for a second drive past and then it hit me what I was seeing.

So I knocked on the door and spoke to the lovely lady living inside and said that if she ever wanted to part with her car I'd give it a good home...

...fast forward six months and a phone call out of the blue and here we are!

The car is a genuine 1 owner car, purchased in early 1979 and remained with her since. From discussions with the previous owner the car didn't have power steering but the dealer was kind enough to fit it to her car before delivery. It's been registered every year until it expired on the 8th of June this year!!!!! It's an auto but hey, can't be too picky with a find like this.

Here are some photos from when i picked it up.







The interior is immaculate, as you would expect from someone from the older generations who sank their hard earned into a brand new car in 1979!

There is some surface rust around the underneath of the car, and luckily the engine bay is the worst area. But some TLC and some elbow grease and this car will be good as new.

The future...I'll get it onto classic plates and on the road then possibly some tasty mods. But for now....time to just enjoy the ride!


I like this look... tough as! I think fender mirrors are a MUST!


I really like these wheels, Longchamps SSR's

I'll try to remember to post updates with this, but now...

...time to get cleaning! LOL

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No progress so far. Car is up on jack stands and unfortunately living under a cover while i get the funds to build a car port....then she'll be inside the garage and the daily out!

Still can't decide if i just get her going on club plates or start a resto.......decisions decisions....

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Long time no post....unfortunately she is living under a car cover atm.


....She is moving into the garage in the next two weeks and the work begins.

I have a goal to have it on the road for Classic Japan in December.

But i have been sourcing spares, got a reconditioned head, a new horn button, mint headlight surrounds and 3 x headlight sets (six headlights all up). Trying to source a bonnet release catch cable as the handle snapped off some time ago.

I've partially bled the brakes but now have most of the filters and oil put aside. Chasing up pads and looks like the rubber boots across most of the suspension needs changing.

Hopefully i'll have photos soon.

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