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Classic Motorsports Magazine picks 18 Classic Cars you should buy right now.


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I dropped by the Barnes and Noble to check out their magazine selections and ran across Classic Motorsports September issue. Headlining on the cover was "Golden Opportunities: 18 Classic Cars you should buy RIGHT NOW!

Surprise, surprise! The Series I 240Z was first on their list.

Their shopping advice: "You'll want to buy a 1970 model. That was the first production year, and those cars also have a few unique properties. Don't plan on making money by restoring one of these. To that end, don't buy a modified car, one wearing non-original color, or on that's rusty. Maximum value will be for unrestored cars or one of the examples that Nissan restored in the '90s. (For a while there, Nissan got into the restoration business.)"

The 18 listed in their order: (Values are for Nice Driver, Concours Car, and 5-year Prediction, respectively)

1970 Datsun 240Z (Series I) $8K-$15K, $30K, $45K

1979 Mazda RX-7 $4.5K-$7.5K, $10K-$12.5K, $20K

1975-'85 Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS $25K-$30K, $35K-40K, $50K-$60K

1980-'87 Lotus Esprit Turbo $13K-$19K, $22K-$27.5K, $30K-$40K

2005-'12 Lotus Elise $27.5K-$35K, $38K-$45K, $50K

1990-'91 Lotus Elan M100 $10K-$14K, $15K-$24K, $30K

1963-'64 Chevy Corvette C2 $35K-$50K, $55K-$85K, $100K

1970-'72 Chevy Corvette LT1 $28K-$37K, $45K-$50K, $65K

2000 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R (hold out for Concours Car), $28K-$40K, $50K

1993 and '95 Mustang Cobra R (nearly impossible to find a nice driver), $15K-$20K, $25K-$35K

1997-2003 Aston Martin DB7 $30K-$40K, $45K-$60K, $70K

1997-'06 Jaguar XK8 Coupe $8.5-$12,5K, $15K-$20K, $25K

1963-'65 Shelby American 289 Cobra $500K-$550K, $645K-$675K, $850K

1996-'02 Dodge Viper GTS $30K-$35K, $45K, $60K

1975-'89 Porsche 930 $35K-$45K, $45K-$75K, $85K

1993-'94 Porsche 911 RS America $35K-$45K, $58K-$65K, $70K-$80K

1971-'74 Jaguar E-Type Roadster $35K-55K, $85K-$100K, $120K

1967-'68 Jaguar E-Type Coupe $35K-$45K, $55K-$65K, $100K

At least they managed to suck me into buying this issue.

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