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  1. Asindro

    The October Sacramento Z Car Reunion

    See you all tomorrow. Not bringing the Z this time with the rain and body work needs. Allyn
  2. Asindro

    Datsun 280z

  3. Asindro

    New Guy, '78 280Z

    Arnie, Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to getting it out on the road eventually.
  4. Asindro

    New Guy, '78 280Z

    Hi All, Recently purchased a ’78 280z with 111k miles, that passes CA smog. My two year old daughter has already named it “Wing Nut” so the Z is officially here to stay. Good and through hunting paid off with a running and very driveable Z. The Z is intended to serve as fun/sporty third vehicle and support my annual pilgrimage to the Lone Pine Time Trials for a weekend of racing and hanging with friends. Just two weeks in I am already knee deep in the overhaul and restoration process. The registration tags weren’t kept up for several years so the car in need of some good fluid change TLC, new hoses, belts, AC compressor recharge and new carpet (70’s era carpet had to go). Overall the areas of rust are limited to the battery area, a little under the passenger seat (window seals are shot) and the occasional spot on the exterior paint. Thankfully the major mechanics of the vehicle are in good working condition so I can concentrating on addressing the busted Tachometer, faulty fuel sending unit and known rust first. I am looking forward to putting in a lot of wrench and rehab time. I am excited to become part of the Z family of owners and looking forward to make my 280z an ongoing project. Allyn

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