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  1. The old girl has been put away for the long, cold winter. The fun of living in a Northern climate! At least I can still start it up once in a while and listen to her purr, along with the howling wind.
  2. I finally have a drivers door that stays closed. I fabricated a spring for the door lock, now I just have to adjust the closing, but I'm back on the road without a swinging door!
  3. Got it running today.......new coil, put in new points, cap and rotor........next for an oil change and plugs. Took it for a spin.....Dairy Queen Blizzard....Yum!
  4. Got my headlights back on after following the link to clean the carbonization off the combo switch, started the car to go to work this morning, died on the road in front of my house. Lots of cranking, either spark or fuel issues. I guess I'll have to wait to drive in the evenings.......sigh
  5. SammyBuca

    The Red Zed

    Not the greatest photo, but it's there!
  6. Had Michelin sport xp all around. 225/60/r14 Lost a couple over the winter storage, put the same size T/A Only put a couple of miles on so far. No traction problems or rubbing
  7. Paid 3.5K for my machine 10 years ago. I've put only about $500 into it until I did the floor, rails, and rockers (picked it up Saturday). I'm now up to 6.5K. I have this car for the love of it. I didn't plan on making money, that's my autobody mechanics dream!
  8. Sprung a leak in the slave cylinder. Any ideas of how difficult to replace the seal? I've got the Hayes book, just thought I'd throw it out to the list for thoughts from those who have already done this. I need to get this ride back on the road. I just had the floor pans, rails and rocker panels replaced, time to rack up some miles on this puppy! Lost the clutch going for beer! I still got the beer, but had to tow the Zed home. That's not a pretty site to see your car on the hook! Thanks in advance!
  9. Just looked at my Z. They have got one side in, full floor replacement! Looks great. I kept the old floor to hang on the garage wall to remind myself to be wary of the rust demon! Lookin forward to hitting the streets in the rain!
  10. Just got the word, and cuz I can't do it myself, I must rely on my local Z specialist. Floor pans, rails, and rocker panels all need replacing on my baby. I'm looking around 2K to replace all. Is this worth doing on a 30 year old car? Hard to say. I've had it 10 years, had just a ton of fun with it. I'm planning on having the work done. Just wanted to vent. Please remember, this amount is in Canuck bucks, so all you Yanks, half the amount before telling me I'm crazy.
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