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  1. 240Z Fuel sending unit in good condition and in working order $75 , buyer pays shipping cost.
  2. The car is Sold


  3. I have (2) used ones as well if you are interested. Just let me know Mark 228-396-2225
  4. P.S. I have reset the date on my camera.
  5. Zed Head, Thanks for your compliment and input. I found some rectangular mirrors for the car recently that were metal with chrome instead of plastic round that I had on the car originally when I first restored it . The car is not silver but actually "Sandstone Beige " with metallic flakes . I didn't place a huge ad intentionally because the truly interested party would probably ask all the specific questions about the car they would like to know. There are literally 100's of questions one could ask about the car and what I did.
  6. Hello Zed Head, I own several Z cars.
  7. The car has a 5 speed, no A/C installed but I will send along all the used parts that would make up the system not sure if the used parts will work or not. It has JVC cd mp3 stereo, new interior new tires. I have done much work to get it to the level it is.
  8. Hello Everyone, I must sell my 75 280Z it is in good condition, not perfect but a good solid car. I would like to sell it for $9,000 OBO. It is located in the SE US. The car has many new parts and has been restored inside and out. If interested please contact me for additional information. Thanks for looking! Mark
  9. I'm looking for the stock Hitachi pre-amplifier for a 10th anniversary restoration.
  10. We ran across something weird , if the fuel pump relay 2 is removed from the car the fuel pump circuit works, has anyone else experienced this? trying to chase down the grimmalins
  11. I have one with a bad relay other than that it is in very good shape.
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