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  1. hornz

    Dead Dome Light

    I am happy to report that after cleaning the door pin switches and installing a new dome light assembly and bulb, the dome light works as it should. Thanks for all the help, guys. It was a more simple problem than I originally thought. I certainly know more about the situation now than before (with your help). During this process, I also bought new door pin switches in case mine were malfunctioning. When I received them, I compared them to the originals. There was a difference in the driver side switches. The originals had four wires while the new ones only had two. Could these new ones be for an earlier model Z? Was there a difference in switches from the 240Zs to the 280Zs? EScanlon's reply seem to reveal this possibility. They are Genuine Nissan parts, part number 25360-B6000 and 25360-N4400 (SW ASSY-DOOR).
  2. hornz

    Dead Dome Light

    I am not discounting a problem at the door switches but let me address the situation in detail at the fixture to make sure I am being clear as to my whole problem because as I said earlier my electrical knowledge is limited. My dome fixture has three connections. One, is a female connection on the fixture itself and receives a short, flat wire connector. I am assuming this is a ground. Another is a narrow, flat male connector that connects to specific wire fitting. This wire is hot. The other is a wider, flat connector and receives the remaining wire. It does not seem to have any power to it. Shouldn't there be power to both flat connectors (and wires) and if so, what are things to be considered that would cause one to not have power. By the way, I have never had a buzzer or chime with the Key-in, Door-open situation. I don't suppose this is related to my other problem? Thank you for your patience and expertise.
  3. hornz

    Dead Dome Light

    I may have inadvertently caused the fuse to blow myself while fiddling with the fixture. My light turns on/off by pushing the lens. I have tried it both ways. I was wondering if there might be something wrong with this switch. Is there a way to check this switch? I'm certainly not ruling out a ground problem.
  4. hornz

    Dead Dome Light

    I have found several threads here that address dome light problems but none (that I have found) seem to fit my situation. I have not owned my 1978 280Z very long and am quite a novice at correcting problems. Please bear with me. Here goes...The dome light, at one time, did function on occasion. Now, it will not come on at all. Light bulb is OK and the fuse is OK (I did replace at burnt one). I am getting power to the narrow connector in the light switch but no power to the wide one. When I described this situation to a mechanic he thought it might need to have the whole fixture replaced. I doubted this assessment because it seems to be in quite nice shape. Any thoughts or experinces would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks, EScanlon...just needed to know if there was anything major to consider. It was a lot easier than anticipated and looks great.
  6. I am replacing the exterior window squegees (chrome piece with rubber attached) on my 1978 280Z 2+2. Can anyone tell me how this process is accomplished (removal and installation). I am also planning to replace the interior window "felt" pieces. I am assuming that the door panels will have to be removed for this process and some type of adhesive applied. All replacement parts have been acquired new from Motorsports. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys for your information. I will look into cleaning up connector contacts and see how that works. I am relatively new to this site and enjoy coming here to pick up hints on maintenance and correction. Hornz
  8. My wipers only function in fast and slow speeds. They will not "delay" or park properly in the off position. 1) Are these problems related? 2) Is there a "delay" module located on the motor or somewhere else? 3) Is this situation repairable or will a new motor (or module) be required? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. According to the mechanic that I have working on my air conditioner, some of the wiring in the dash is "bleeding" over to other components and could cause the battery to go down when the vehicle parked for several days. Would anyone know if I have to replace the Harness Assembly that controls the wipers, rear defroster, air conditioner, etc. or if there are portions of it that can be replaced? Also, is there anywhere that I can find replacement wiring that did not come out of another car that has been sitting in a junkyard for several years? Be gentle...I am a new member and haven't owned a Zcar in 26 years. Hornz
  10. I just purchased a 1978 2+2 and would like to hear anyone's opinion of them...good or bad. Is there anything that I should beware of?
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